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Zenka contacts: How to call Zenka customer care | telephone number | sms | email

Sometimes you need help using the zenka app and need to contact zenka customer care. The reasons for needing the telephone number, SMS and email may vary. Find all the contacts you need below to reach zenka support. 

zenka app customer care contacts email sms

To contact Zenka customer care you can do it by calling their mobile telephone number, using the Zenka social media pages, writing Zenka an email, or checking out the Zenka FAQ section on their website. 

Zenka customer care contacts

You may be asking, ‘How do I contact Zenka?’ Below find information about Zenka loan customer care.

In summary, those are the zenka contacts Kenya. They include Zenka loan mobile number, Zenka customer care number, zenka loan app contacts, and Zenka whatsapp number.

Reasons to contact Zenka loan customer care number

There are a couple of reasons you may need help from Zenka customer care. Maybe you’ve forgotten your login PIN. The Zenka app isn’t responding the way you want it to. Sometimes you just need to ask the support team a question. Or you applied for a Zenka loan and it hasn’t been reflected yet. 

As a result of these problems, you may not have the best experience when using the app, but not to worry as the Zenka team is there to help.

What common issues do you face when using mobile loan apps? Let s know by taking this short survey.


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How to contact Zenka customer care to get quick help

Zenka has many ways in which you can contact them. What this does is make it flexible for you as a customer and loan borrower to reach them when you need assistance. Here are a few of them:

Zenka customer care telephone number

Below find Zenka telephone numbers. This is by far the quickest way to reach them. All you need to do is dial the following Zenka customer mobile phone number;

Zenka Mobile number: +254207650878

Contact Zenka through social media Facebook and Twitter

One thing the Zenka team has done is to provide options when it comes to reaching customer care. Here are the social media channels you can contact them on;

Using the Zenka Twitter handle: @zenkaFinance
Zenka Facebook page: zenkakenya

Zenka customer care email address

Another option you can use to reach customer care is by using zenka email address at [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] .

Zenka FAQ on the website

Also, you can check out frequently asked questions on the zenka website. Here you will get the FAQ that other Zenka users have asked, and the support team have answered them in detail. It can be a very good place to start before even calling a customer service representative or the helpdesk. 


Having great customer care is something that every customer appreciates. In particular because good customer service shows the user you care. Clearly, zenka has really put an effort into this.

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  1. I am extremely disappointed for your treatment on me despite being your loyal customer.I have been given false promises by your staff at your ccc.
    The issue is I repaid a loan early this week whose maturity was due on 1st April.I was hoping to get a higher loan amount to repay after 30 days.However,ever since the trial,The App.has been indicating loan application is being reviewed.I have been calling on daily basis and been given hope that the issue would be looked into and a call made to me.Nothing of the sort.
    I am frustrated and feel like shipping out.

    1. Hi Josiah, pole about the frustration you are going through. Here at saidia, we offer you helpful information on how to contact, apply and qualify for a loan on zenka. We have noted your concerns and we shall try escalate them to zenka. We however have a few tips on how you can grow your zenka loan limit. Check them out and see which tips you could apply to assist you. Asante. TK

  2. Kila saa najaribu kurejister nanyi mnadai majina sio sahihi as if you know me more than i know myself.
    What’s exactly your problem??

    1. Hi Yusuf, thanks for getting in touch with saidia regarding the Zenka registration issue you are facing. To solve this, When you are filling in your name details, make sure they appear exactly as they are in your ID. If they do not match, you will get this error. For more details check out our how to register, apply for a zenka loan guide. Also note, each user is only allowed one zenka account.

    1. Hi Elias. Thanks for contacting siadia. To have your name cleared from CRB, reach out to zenka customer care and ask them to send batch number to CRB. Use the this contacts:
      Zenka customer care contacts:

      Telephone number: +254 020 7650878
      Website: https://zenka.co.ke/
      Email: [email protected] | [email protected]
      postal address: P.O Box 29107 – 00100 Nairobi, Kenya.
      Physical address: 12th Floor, Mirage tower, Westlands.

    1. Hi Peter. The registration process for Zenka usually doesn’t take long. However, they do have a lot of questions you have to answer before completing the Zenka registration process. Check out this zenka loan application guide to help complete the registration process. Hope this is helpful. TK

  3. Hey.I have been paying my loans on time bt yesterday I paid my loan of which was not overdue bt after paying,am being told that am not eligible to another loan.Surely is that how you people treat your customers?If I cant access another loan please let me know please.Am in need of cash.

    1. Aki am having a problem,I dont remember how much I owe you and the app isn’t responding and the call number isn’t working.plz plz help

  4. I delayed loan repayment for only 2 days and then you deny me
    Loan. So ungrateful.

  5. Hi,,, kindly update my records on CRB AV cleared my outstanding balance

    1. Hi Brenda. Thanks for reaching out to saidia. Please send this message directly to the team at zenka using their email address or their social media i.e. Twitter and facebook.

    1. Sema Philip. Once you have cleared your loan with zenka, you need to wait for at least 3 days before you begin application of CRB certificate. Hope this was helpful.

  6. Am trying to register after downloading the app but am told already registered.am perplexed.help me plz

  7. Hi,am trying to login my zenka app unfortunately it’s giving me warning that error occured,is this normal.

  8. Hi I forgotten my password and the security question I can’t answer what can I do now

  9. My name is Dominic kirwa .
    I have paid my loan yet acorns is still sending me messages asking me to pay .
    What’s up and I have cleared.

  10. I have been punished, given double the penalty having explained to the Zenka staff my issue of admission in ICU for 2 weeks…ur loan accumulating daily penalties to double the amount within 3 weeks…whats more inhuman is the inaction to take an step towards my issue….so sad

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