Zash loan limit – maximum, minimum limit and how to increase

When borrowing money from Zash there is normally the most amount you can borrow and the least amount you can apply for. This is called the Zash loan limit.

What is the Maximum and minimum Zash loan limit

For Zash, the minimum limit you can apply for is Ksh 500, while for the maximum you can apply for is Ksh 50,000. This loan limit is inclusive of the service fee and the loan amount you will recieve.

If you start with a small limit for your first loan, there are ways in which you can increase it. Click here to see all the details about zash loan limit and how you can increase it.


Zash maximum loan limit and how to apply


How to increase your Zash loan limit

After borrowing an mpesa cash loan from, you may want to increase your loan limit. Increasing your loan limit has the advantage of giving you more money to borrow from the Zash loan app.

Here are a few ways to increase your Zash loan limit and qualify for a bigger mpesa cash loan on your phone.


Repaying your loan on time or before the due date

Yes, make sure you repay your zash mobile loan before or on the due date. It may appear to be simple, but defaulting on your loan, even by one day, is the single most common reason for zash limits not being increased. Also, this might lead to you losing your loan limit altogether.

To increase your chances of increasing your loan limit, make sure you repay your zash loan on time after receiving it in cash.

In short, do not default on borrowed Zash loan.


Avoid defaulting on Zash loan app

There is late payment, and then there is not paying the loan at all. That is called defaulting on your loan. We can obviously see why being a loan defaulter reduces your loan limit.

No mobile loan app company would want to risk lending money to someone who doesn’t repay.

When you default on your loan, there is a high chance you might end up on the CRB blacklist. So the next important step is to avoid defaulting on loans borrowed.


Borrow from Zash often

Another way to increase your mobile loan limit is to request loans on the app more often. This helps Zash to mark you as a consistent loan borrower hence adding your chances of growing your loan limit. However, do this responsibly.

Use mpesa alot to do transactions

One of the factors the Zash loan app looks for when increasing your borrowing limit is how often you make transactions on m-pesa. This is because when you install the zash app it asks for permission to check SMS, including your mpesa messages.

To get a higher loan limit, make sure to transact more on mpesa.


Clean up your message inbox – Remove messages from debt collectors

If you have received SMS from unknown people claiming that you need to repay a certain loan, make sure you delete such messages. These messages could also be from other mobile loan apps that you have defaulted on. Just delete them to increase your chances of getting a higher Zash loan limit.


Register for Zash loan accurately

Do not use false information when registering on Zash loan app. This way, you increase your integrity to increase your loan limit.

Give Zash loan the permissions it needs

Zash normally asks for rights to access your contacts, SMS etc. This way, they will have enough information to create a good borrowing profile for you.

Zash loan app promises to store your data safely and securely.

How to check your Zash loan limit

Checking your zash loan limit is a very quick process. Follow these steps:

Open the loan app> login with your phone number and PIN> In the homepage of Zash app you will see what your borrowing limit is.

From here, you can proceed to borrow cash that will be sent directly to your mpesa.


We all want to have a large loan limit when using loan apps such as Zash. However, this limit has to be grown slowly and surely. To have the best Zash loan limit, you’ll need to be able to first download and install the Zash app, register correctly and then follow the other steps for increasing your loan limit. And when repaying, make sure you repay the full amount with interest.

This way, you’ll be able to get the zash maximum loan limit of 50,000 KSH from the initial loan limit of 500 KSH.


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