Zenka loan limit guide: Check & Get from 500 Ksh to 80,000 Ksh

When borrowing money through the app or USSD, you will be given a Zenka loan limit. This limit refers to the maximum and minimum amount you can receive after downloading and installing the Zenka app to borrow a cash loan. Here we take you through how to check your Zenka loan limit after selecting this app as your preferred mobile loan app in Kenya.

This article will take you through the loan limit for Zenka, how to check your Zenka loan limit, tips on how to grow your limit on Zenka and how much you qualify for when you register on Zenka as a first-time borrower.

Loan limit

This refers to the minimum or maximum amount of money that you as a borrower can qualify for on a loan app. Different loan apps offer different amounts when it comes to loan limits. There are also many factors that determine how much money you can qualify for on your loan limit.

These factors include but are not limited to; income, employment status, education, credit history, frequency of borrowing from the loan app and lending policy of the app.  

When it comes to your loan limit, note that this amount is not a fixed amount. Instead, it’s a dynamic figure that usually changes over time depending on the factors that have been mentioned above.

What is the loan limit for Zenka?

For customers who want to take a loan from Zenka, the app normally gives you a loan limit. This refers to the minimum amount you can qualify for and also the maximum cash that Zenka can loan you when you borrow money from the loan app or using the USSD code.

The minimum loan amount limit Zenka loan offers is Ksh 500. This means that if you are a registered user on the Zenka loan app, and have met the minimum requirements to get a loan from Zenka, then your lower limit will be a loan of Ksh 500.

On the other hand, the maximum loan limit Zenka offers is Ksh 80,000. Quite a decent cash loan that registered users can qualify for on Zenka. The maximum limit has increased by a large amount, from 42, 000 to Ksh 80,000.

Also, if you want to apply for a loan on Zenka without a smartphone, then the loan limit for USSD *841# users is Ksh. 500 for the minimum and Ksh. 10,000 for the maximum.


Note: Your Zenka loan limit isn’t set in stone – it’s a dynamic figure that can increase or decrease over time. When borrowing a loan from Zenka, the loan limit you qualify for depends on your creditworthiness as a client.

First loan limit on Zenka – Limit for first-time borrower

So you want to apply for a loan on  Zenka for the first time?

You must be wondering whether it is a waste of time or worth the effort. Hence you need to know what the first loan limit on Zenka is.

Well, for first time borrowers, the Zenka loan limit will range from between Ksh. 500 and Ksh. 7500. There are many factors that will bring this about. One key factor that Zenka considers is creditworthiness.

As a new users make sure you download the Zenka app, and completed the registration process. Then follow the step-by-step guide to apply for a loan

How do I check my Zenka loan limit?

To check your Zenka loan limit, you will need to log in to the app. Once you have entered your username and password, you will enter the Zenka app homepage. On your home page, you will see a breakdown of ‘ total amount due ‘, ‘ I would like to borrow ‘, ‘ for days ‘ and ‘ apply now ‘.



Total amount due: This refers to the loan amount you will pay back to Zenka after you successfully borrow the money you qualify for shown under “I would like to borrow 3000”

I would like to borrow: This shows you the maximum amount you can borrow from Zenka. It also shows you the minimum limit of cash that you can get from the loan app. As a registered user of the zenka app, you can choose how much you want to borrow by using the slider right or left.

In the example above, sliding the scale all the way to the right will give you the maximum amount of Ksh 3000 while sliding it all the way to the left will qualify you for the minimum loan of Ksh 500.

For 30 Days: Here you select the number of days you want to borrow a loan from Zenka. Sliding this option right or left allows you as a Zenka registered user to adjust the repayment period for your loan.

Apply now: This is the button you press to apply for your Zenka loan after selecting the amount you want to borrow and your loan repayment time in days

Note: As you establish a borrowing history with Zenka, demonstrating responsible repayment behaviour, your loan limit can increase.

How do I increase my Zenka loan limit?

The fastest way to receive higher amounts is to build credit with a positive repayment history with Zenka, easily achieved with successive timely repaid loans.

Zenka checks many factors when qualifying its registered users for a loan. This is made possible by using advanced technology to check a couple of data points about their clients. The reason for this is that Zenka doesn’t require you to give security for your mobile loan. All you need to do is to fill in a Zenka loan application form online for free on their app.

There are also other ways to grow your zenka loan limit. I shall take you through the most effective and easy ways to increase how much you can borrow on Zenka.

Early on-time payments:

When you repay your borrowed loan on time, you indicate to Zenka that you are not a risk to lend money to. By doing this, you will increase your chances of Zenka raising your loan limit. This also applies to loan repayment with other lenders.

How long your mpesa line has been active:

To qualify for a bigger loan limit on Zenka, you need to have had your mpesa line active for at least 6 months.

Transact more with Mpesa: ( Use mobile payments often)

Yes, use mobile payments often especially on mpesa which Zenka uses to send you the loan once you have applied and qualified. For this, make sure you send and withdraw money, buy airtime, pay for goods and services via mpesa pay bill and Buy Goods till numbers. This shows that you are financially liquid on Mpesa and you have good cash flow.

CRB status:

One of the factors that Zenka uses to qualify its borrowers is your CRB status. Before you apply and borrow cash on the app or USSD *841# online, you will need to have a good credit rating on CRB Kenya. So, make sure you have your name cleared on CRB and that you are not blacklisted. This could be the difference between getting a Zenka loan limit of 5000 Ksh or 500 Ksh.

Request for loans often:

The more you borrow and repay your loan from Zenka, the more you build your record with the app. This way, the app is able to create an accurate history of transactions. With more transactions, the more your limit grows.

Keep your mpesa payment SMS messages:

One of the permission requests you grant to the Zenka app when you download and install is to access your messages. This implies that to some extent, they use this information in one way or another. So to have a better chance of increasing your Zenka loan limit, keep the mpesa transaction messages in your inbox.

As you establish a borrowing history with Zenka, demonstrating responsible repayment behaviour, your loan limit can increase. Zenka takes note of your repayment history, punctuality, and overall borrowing conduct.

Not eligible for a loan at the moment


Have you logged in to your Zenka loan app and found the following message; “ We are sorry, but you’re not eligible for a loan at the moment. We kindly advise you to check your limit after 7 days.“

This message by Zenka is shown when you are trying to apply for a mobile loan but you haven’t met the minimum requirements.

A quick way to resolve this issue when borrowing a loan from Zenka is to quickly contact customer care and ask why your account has been limited from borrowing. They will guide you on how to get your borrowing limit back on track so that you can proceed to borrow a loan. 

Note: From our experience, we have realised when it comes to getting support on Zenka about your loan limit, the fastest and easiest way to get a response is on Twitter (Now X App).


As you start borrowing quick cash loans using the Zenka app in Kenya, remember that your loan limit is largely defined by you and your behaviour. The Zenka loan limit provided to you represents responsible financial decisions undertaken by a registered client and responsible borrowing behaviour.

From downloading and registering on the Zenka app platform and taking your first mobile loan, to growing your Zenka loan limit steadily until you get the maximum of Ksh 80,000.

Here we have guided you on how you can grow and increase your Zenka loan limit by practising timely repayment of loans, transacting often on mpesa and also borrowing often on the Zenka app, among other tips.

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