Timiza offers to pay ksh 2500 for every 250th person who repays their loan

Repay your timiza loan within the next 3 days and the 250th person stands a chance to get ksh 2500.

Timiza app, a mobile banking service offered by ABSA has an offer this Easter period that will benefit their users.
The app, which also offers short-term mpesa loans through timiza, offered to pay ksh 2500 to every 250th users who repays their loan. You can check out this step by step guide on how to apply for a Timiza loan and get started.
Although it’s to be noted that this offer is only for 10 customers per day. Also, the offer is available only for the next 3 days during this Easter period 2020.
Timiza stated on their Twitter account ” Here is something to celebrate. As we mark Easter, we are rewarding 10 customers daily with KES2500. All you need to do is pay your loan within the next three days and it could be you.

See the tweet by @timizaKE here.

This comes at a time when Kenyans are facing tough financial times as the effects of covid-19 are felt around the country.
It seems Timiza has felt the general hardship being faced by Kenyans and offered relief to some loan borrowers.
Here at Saidia, we have a complete guide on how you can apply for a Timiza loan on your mobile phone.
Maybe you need some much-needed cash relief during this trying time.

Need somewhere to start applying for a Timiza loan, then you should check out how to download timiza on your phone. In addition to that, timiza also offers loans to people not using smartphones. Just dial the timiza USSD code *848# to start applying. If you need help, check out this guide on how to apply for a Timiza loan without a smartphone.
Please be safe, observe social distancing and remember to wash your hands and sanitize as much as possible.

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