Barclays rebrands to ABSA: Timiza app users, how does it affect you?


Are you a user of the Timza app with all it’s features? Well, you might have noticed recently that the popular Kenyan banking and loan lending app changed its colors from cool blue colors to warm red colors.

Why is this?

Well, this is because Barclays Kenya’s brand colours are blue, while ABSA bank brand colors are warm red.

This has come about due to the acquisition of Barclays Africa PLC in 2017 by Absa bank of south Africa. Notably, this marked the end of 100-year presence of Barclays bank presence in Africa. The rebranding process began in 2018 and was scheduled to be completed in 2020.

By Monday, Feb 10th, 2020, the bank had re-branded most of the branches in the country to reflect the new brand identity of ABSA. Warm red colors. This re-branding is estimated to have cost about 800 million Kenya shillings.

Not only did this rebranding of Barclays Kenya to ABSA bank Kenya PLC affect the physical branches but, also online services and assets such as the website and also the popular Timiza loan app.

Timiza app, now powered by ABSA has a different look but still has the same services. All the functions are still available such as applying for an mpesa loan, making savings using zidisha savings account and conveniently paying bills like KPLC, ZUKU, DSTV and GOTV.

Now instead of opening a Barclays account on your Timiza app, it will be an ABSA account.

Timiza app before

Here is the old look Timiza.

Timiza app barclays old

Timiza app after:

Here is the new Timiza app look with ABSA brand colors.


What effects does the change from Barclays to ABSA have on Timiza app users?

Terms and conditions

Top management at the bank stated that despite the change from Barclays Kenya to ABSA, contractual relationships and obligations that were previously held with the bank will not change. This is with its customers, partners and other stakeholders.

So when it comes to Timiza, the operations remain the same. Any loans you had taken up in the Timiza app, the terms still apply to repayment and borrowing.

Security and Fraud

During the whole process of changing over from Barclays to ABSA, a major challenge was highlighted. Because of the rebranding, fraudsters will want to take advantage of this to get personal information of users.

“Customers are urged to be particularly vigilant during this time, as fraudsters are always looking for opportunities to obtain important personal information. The bank will not be asking customers for any information regarding their accounts,” Absa said in a statement as reported by Nation newspaper.

As a Timiza app user, you should also be vigilant during this time as fraudsters have been known to use such corporate changes and company rebranding to steal from customers. Be very observant especially if they ask you for information such as account numbers and passwords.

In order to be sure about the correct contacts, check out this updated list of Timiza app contacts. Better be safe than sorry.

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