tala loan CRB clearance step by step

Tala loan app Get cleared from CRB after making full payment

Have you made (repaid) your full loan payment to Tala yet your name has not been cleared in the CRB? This can be very frustrating sometimes. Worry no more. In this article, we take you through step by step on how to get your name cleared from CRB after repaying your tala loan in full.

tala loan CRB clearance step by step

So you need your name cleared off the CRB list after repaying your Tala loan from the app? Yet the process is taking too long! Here is how you can go about getting your clearance quickly.

But first, we have to make sure that these three factors have been met; you are not negatively listed on CRB by other lenders, also you’ve waited for at least 7 working days and you’ve contacted tala mobile.

Confirm you are not negatively listed by other lenders on CRB

After you repay the full amount you owe to Tala, make sure you aren’t listed by other loan providers and givers. For example Banks or mobile lenders.

You have at least given them 7 working days to process your request

It takes at least 3 working days to fully process your loan repayment and for tala to send the batch number to CRB. When it comes to working days, weekends don’t count i.e. Saturday and Sundays aren’t included.

In addition to that, it takes between 24 and 48 hours for credit institutions to update an individual’s CRB status.

So make sure you’ve waited at least 7 working days for the whole process to complete successfully.

Confirm with Tala

Contact tala to confirm if the payment has reflected in their system. The Fastest way to talk to a tala representative is through the inbuilt chat support inside the app. Other ways to contact tala customer care can be found here.

Now let’s continue.

To clear your name from CRB after fully repaying your tala loan, follow the steps below

How to clear your name from CRB blacklist after paying tala loan

  1. Check your CRB status through creditInfo, Metropol, or Transunion.
  2. Take note of the loan institutions that have listed you i.e. Tala or any other
  3. Make full payment of the amount that you owe to the loaning company.
  4. Wait for 3 working days for Tala to process payment and send the updated list to CRB
  5. Contact Tala concerning the listing you on CRB because of defaulting and inquire about the status.
  6. Finally, check your CRB status to confirm if you have been removed from the blacklist.

Note: For your name to be removed from CRB, you must clear all the amounts you owe to the credit companies that have listed you. Credit companies are where you borrowed money in form of a loan from places like banks, mobile loan apps, or saccos.

Another thing that can come is you think you have been wrongfully listed by Tala on CRB.

So, if you are disputing the negative listing on CRB blacklist by Tala. Here is how to formally dispute a wrongful listing.

How to dispute a wrong listing on CRB by Tala

  1. Contact the CRB which you got the report from creditinfo, Metropol, or Transunion and inform them of the wrongful listing by Tala.
  2. The CRB will then issue you, the borrower, with a form in which you can highlight the wrong information.
  3. The CRB will then contact Tala mobile who provided the information to confirm how accurate it is.
  4. From here, Tala mobile will be required to investigate the complaint of erroneous information.
  5. Tala mobile has fourteen (14) days to investigate and respond to your claims by;

-Confirming the information is correct and thus remain as is;

-Confirming the information is incorrect (erroneous) and hence should be deleted; or

-Confirming the information is not up-to-date, and sends in the correct and up-to-date status (information.)

So to launch a complaint about a wrongful listing on CRB by Tala, you start by filing a dispute with the bureau (CRB). The bureau gets in touch with the listing institution, in this case, Tala, and submits the dispute with them.

The reason for this approach is because Tala mobile is the one that submitted the information to the bureau (CRB). This means it’s up to Tala to change the information.

Hope this information was helpful.

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    1. This is good news. How did the process go clearing your Tala loan balance and getting your batch number?

  1. I joseph macharia account number 0720497*** would like you to send me the batch number

    1. Hi Joseph. After making yur payment, your batch number from tala should be automatically forward to CRB after 7 working days.

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