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You are here because you are thinking of installing the Timiza app on your phone. Welcome to the app review of Timiza. After testing this app for over one month, the saidia team has come to conclude that this is a new take on modern-day personal finance. Below find a summary about the ABSA Timiza app.

PROS: The installation process is easy and straight forward for the Timiza app. It can be easily found on the google play store where you can quickly download it to your mobile phone. It has a clean and well-designed user interface, hence making it very easy to use.

CONS:  Applying for the loan is a longer process compared to the other main competing loan apps i.e. Tala and Branch. The registration process may prove to be a bit tasking; however this is because there is an extra level of security when registering for an account.

VERDICT: This app is more than just a loan app, it is a digital bank account that fits right into your pocket. Timiza functions as both a savings app and a loan app. This allows you to apply for instant mpesa loans to use for that unforeseen emergency. In addition to that, you can use it to save for the future by depositing money through mpesa.

The app has a longer learning curve and a slightly tedious registration process compared to the two market leaders in Kenya, Tala and Branch. Despite that, the Timiza app makes up for this by offering an amazing interface and helpful extra features.

Behind the scenes, proper A.I has been implemented, this makes it easier for you to be qualified for a loan. There are no extra forms to fill in once you have registered with Timiza. What this brings about is an easy way to apply for a loan once you make it through the registration process.

Timiza loan app review top best loan apps kenya
Timiza App Review


About Timiza:

Timiza is a mobile loan app that enables you convenient self-service channels to easily open an account, borrow, and transact on the go. Borrowing is one of the major functions that Timiza is focusing on. The company behind Timiza loan app is ABSA Bank, which completed the takeover of Barclays bank. Please note however the app is available to you whether or not you are an ABSA bank customer. This borrowed money can be used to grow your business, pay your bills, or deal with unforeseen emergencies.

Launched in early 2018, Timza has accumulated an impressive number of downloads. This mobile loan app has over one million downloads on the Google Play app store. Among the over one million users who downloaded Timiza, 3,000 of these users rated it an average of 3.9/5.0.

Timza App home screen


Size and Updates of Timiza ABSA loan app:

When downloading an application from the google play store, size matters. This is because with every MB downloaded, reflects a consumption of data bundles from your network carrier.  Timiza comes in a very manageable package of, at a size of  11MB. Although it is much larger than most applications in this category, this can be attributed to it having more functions and features for the user.

Timiza loan app is updated often. An advantage of this is that in case of any bugs in the app, they can be rectified and resolved with every release. This helps the app perform well leading to a smooth user experience.

Please note that you will require android version 4.0+ in order for the Timiza loan app to operate optimally on your phone. Check out this step by step guide on how to find out what version of android your phone is running.

Timiza Loan repayment and limit:

Timiza offers loans from as little as KES 1000 to a maximum of KES 150,000. The loan interest rate is 1.17% with a facilitation fee of 5% . These loans are repayable within 30 days.

Contact and support for Timiza online app:

If you need to reach Timiza for any technical support, you can do so inside the app. The in-app chat however functions through sending an email using your email application, I found this very unnecessary. You can also call them using the following numbers 0204265000 or 0709213000.

Website and Social Media:

Timiza web page on Barclays website

Given the popularity of social media and the convenience it gives to the end user of a product/app, Timiza doesn’t have dedicated social media channels. However you can reach them through their Barclays bank social channels on twitter and Facebook. If you want to learn more about Timiza, check out the dedicated Timiza web page on the Barclays website.


The Timiza loan app is very feature rich application that functions more than an instant m-pesa loan app. During our review of the Timiza application we came to realize that it offers a lot of functionality.

You can save directly into your Timiza account. In addition to that you can book a taxi right inside the app through Little Cab. How convenient is that? The features don’t end there, some other small but useful features are you can pay your bills directly from the app, send money to another Timiza user or mpesa number. Also buy airtime for your phone just to mention a few. And you do all this through the Timiza mobile app.

User Experience:


An app is only as good as how easy it is to use it. Timiza application has outdone itself in this section, except for a few areas. The user interface is well designed and has a very clean look. This is very necessary especially with mobile apps.

A clean look that is not clattered reduces distractions to the end user. This leads to a smooth user experience. Finding the main functions like applying for a loan, withdrawing your money or making a deposit is a piece of cake. That is how to attract and retain your customer.

One the down side to the user experience is the in app support. This is how a user gets in touch with the support team for any questions you they have. You will find this under the menu on the top right of the application. One improvement we would suggest is to add a true in app chat function.


Sawa, now let’s get the Timza app. You can download it using the link below.

Download the Timiza Loan App.

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