Reset Timiza PIN - Forgot Timiza PIN hot to reset

How to quickly reset Timiza PIN

Are you in a situation where you have forgotten your Timiza PIN and need to reset it? Then here we will take you through the quick way how to reset your Timiza PIN. Let’s go through the process of Timiza pin reset.

The Timiza loan app is one of the most popular digital loan lending apps in Kenya and its loan facility is offered by ABSA bank. ABSA was formerly Barclays bank until a recent take over. Let’s proceed to saidia you recover your credentials of Timiza forgot pin.

There are two main ways in which a registered Timiza user can reset their PIN when they have forgotten it. Either through the Timiza app or by using the Timiza USSD code *848#. Now let’s see how you can get your Timiza pin below.

Reset Timiza Pin on Timiza App

Here is how to reset your TImiza PIN directly through the Timiza app. Follow these steps.

  1. Open the Timiza app
  2. On the home screen press forgot PIN
  3. You will be asked to dial 0709213000 0r 0204265000 to receive a new Timiza PIN.
  4. Once you dial the number provided, you will be guided on how to reset your PIN.

The other way to reset the PIN is by dialing the Timiza USSD code *848#

How to reset Timiza PIN through USSD code *848#

Here is how to go about it using the Timiza USSD code.

  1. Dial *848# (make sure you have enough credit)
  2. Press 1 – Forgot PIN
  3. Next, you’ll need to answer two security questions that you ad set up when registering on Timiza.

And that is how to reset your forgotten PIN if you are using the Timiza app. If you need more assistance, feel free to contact Timiza customer care through the different ways they offer. So when you have forgotten your Timiza login, the above are the two ways how you can reset it and get access to their mobile loan and other services. And that’s it, no need to worry when you find your Timiza pin blocked, because you can easily recover it.

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