telkom pawa combo bundles how to buy how much they cost

How to buy Telkom pawa combo bundles, how much they cost and data bundles

The Telkom pawa combo bundles are the most affordable internet options in Kenya. With internet bundles for your phone starting from as little as 10 KSH, this offer is a really good value for your money. Here we take you through how to buy, subscribe and get yourself Telkom pawa combo bundles.

telkom pawa combo bundles how to buy how much they cost

As a subscriber with this Telkom bundle offer, you get data; bundles, Telkom to Telkom calls and free whatsapp. This however depends on the package you select. Of all the data bundle internet options offered by Telkom, pawa combo bundles are the most affordable.

How to subscribe to Telkom pawa combo bundles

This is how you buy and subscribe to Telkom pawa combo bundles.

  1. Dial *544#
  2. Select option 1, combo bundles – new
  3. Choose 1: Pawa combo Bundles.
  4. Then select the best option for you. (1:Pawa 20 Extra for 20/- valid 24hrs, 2:Pawa 20 for 20/- valid 24hrs, 3:Pawa 10 for 10/- valid 24Hrs)
  5. Press 1. Accept to confirm purchase of Pawa combo bundles.
  6. Wait for confirmation SMS of purchase for Pawa combo bundles.

Before subscribing and buying the pawa combo bundle on your phone, make sure you have enough credit topped up on your Telkom line.


Pawa combo bundle internet offers that are available on Telkom

These are the offers available to purchase for pawa.

  1. Pawa 20 Extra for 20/- valid 24hrs
  2. Pawa 20 for 20/- valid 24hrs
  3. Pawa 10 for 10/- valid 24Hrs
  4. Pawa 50 for 50/ – valid 3 Days

Details about pawa bundle

Data Bundle Package Validity / Time Price (Ksh)
Pawa 10: 50 MB Whatsapp Data, 30 mins Telkom to Telkom calls 24 Hrs 10
Pawa 20: 100 MB Data, 5 mins Any network calls, 100 SMS (Across Network) 24 Hrs 20
Pawa 20 Extra: 100 MB Data, 100 mins Telkom to Telkom calls, 100 SMS (Across Network) 24 Hrs 20
Pawa 50: 200 MB Data, 600 Mins Telkom to Telkom calls, 200 SMS (Across Network) 3 days 50


How to check pawa bundle balance

You can dial *141# on your phone to check the bundle balance you have. Another way to check your internet bundle balance is by dial *544#, choose 98 and select option 13check data balance‘.

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