Telkom Kenya 4G MiFi router price specs and where to buy

Telkom Kenya 4G MiFi router: Price, Specs, where to buy and more

The Internet has become a very important part of our everyday lives and the Telkom Kenya 4G MiFi router has made the internet easy to access and share in Kenya. In this article, we will take you through all you need to know about the Telkom Kenya MiFi.

From where to buy it and how much the mifi will cost, to setting up and configuring the MiFi by Telkom using the hiLink app. Not only that, but you will also learn how to quickly top up the Telkom mifi with credit and also buy bundles for internet on the device.

The Telkom Kenya 4G MiFi has made it very easy for users to share a data connection from a service provider like Telkom with other people; either family, friends or even work colleagues.

What is my Telkom MiFi?

The Telkom Kenya MiFi is a device that allows you to connect to the internet using a wireless network (Wi-Fi). The name MiFi means a wireless router that acts as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

It normally can be connected to a cellular network, in this case, Telkom Kenya’s network, and provide internet access for up to ten devices. Although in some cases, the number of devices you can connect at the same time can be 16.

The word MiFi is thought to mean “My Wi-Fi”. However, the company that originally came up with the name, Novatel Wireless, has never offered an official explanation according to Wikipedia.

Telkom Kenya Mifi Price: Buy Telkom 4G Mi-Fi and how much it costs

Now, you have decided to buy a Telkom Kenya MiFi 4G router.

How much does it cost? The Telkom MiFi price in Kenya starts at 5,499 KSH. This is the price that you can pick up the device with from an official Telkom shop.

Can you get Telkom Mifi deals online?

That is the question most people shopping for an original MiFi ask. As for now, the only place to buy an original Telkom Kenya MiFi is from a designated Telkom shop or dealer. See how you can locate Telkom shops here directly from your phone.

Also, when you search online you will see Telkom Mifi Deals and offers on Jumia. The question is, are these offers for the original MiFi device? The simple answer is no. Most of these Telkom Mifi offered on Jumia are generic models that can be used on all mobile telco networks in Kenya. These are Safaricom, Airtel and Jamii Telkom aka faiba.

Telkom MiFi 4G Specs

Here are the specs for the Telkom MiFi device. This includes download speeds, upload speeds, battery capacity, WiFi standards, and more.

In short, how fast can you browse the internet on a Telkom Mifi and how long can it last on one charge?

Telkom MiFi 4G Specs

Number of Connections: 16 Devices
Download Speeds: Up to *150 Mbps on 4G LTE
Upload Speeds: Up to *50 Mbps on 4G LTE
Managing App: Huawei HiLink App
Set Up: Easy Plug and Play
More MiFi Specs:  
Battery: 1500 mAh
SIM: Single SIM (Locked to Telkom)
Network: 4G (Band 20), 3G and 2G, USSD and SMS support
Colours: Black (With Telkom logo)
LEDs/Indicators: 4 – i) Signal, ii) WiFi, iii) SMS, iv) Battery
SD card slot: Up to 32GB
Port(s): 1 Micro USB 2.0
WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n (Frequency Band – 2.4 GHz)



How to apply? Send IMEI number to 72072 from the router to receive the free data. ()

After buying your Telkom MiFi, it is now time to set it up and use it. This includes setting up your wireless SSID (WiFi name), loading bundles, and downloading the software to manage the MiFi.

Setting up and configuring your MiFi (Using HiLink App)

To start setting up your Telkom MiFi, you will need to first download the Huawei HiLink App and then step by step configure the 4G router. This will allow you to log in to the device and start setting it up. Let’s start with downloading the HiLink app on your android phone.

How to download HiLink App

Here is how to download and install the Huawei HiLink App on your phone.

  1. Open the google play store
  2. Next, search for the Huawei hilink app
  3. Once you have it, press the install button.
  4. When it’s done downloading and installing, Press Open.

Note: To get the step by step for installing the HiLink app complete with pictures, click here.

How to setup Telkom MiFi

These are the steps you need to follow to set up the Telkom Kenya 4G MiFi router.

  1. Open the Huawei HiLink App
  2. Press Next
  3. Allow the HiLink app to access your location and Press OK.
  4. Swipe across the introduction text for ” HUAWEI HiLink App – New Login” , “Prevent unauthorized access”, “Quick Sharing”
  5. Press ‘START’
  6. Now, connect your device to the “Huawei MiFi” hotspot. The default ‘username’ and ‘password’ will be found on the back cover of your Telkom 4G MiFi
  7. Allow ‘HUAWEI HiLink’ to access the device location.
  8. You will then have access to the Telkom MiFi. You will see the main window that will show you ‘devices and ‘Tools’.
  9. Next, press ‘ Log In’

Note: To configure your Telkom MiFi 4G router, you will need to first install the Huawei HiLink app on your phone. For a more detailed step-by-step on how to configure the MiFi, click here for the complete guide with pictures.

Login to your Telkom MiFi router

You can login directly into the router simply by using the Huawei hilink. This is how you go about it.

  1. Connect to the WiFi signal from your MiFi. (Make sure your phone data is switched off.)
  2. Open the Huawei HiLink app. (Make sure you have downloaded and installed it on your phone.)
  3. Press Log in
  4. You’ll be asked to input a ‘password’ , this is the password you use to login to your WiFi on the Telkom Kenya MiFi
  5. Key in this password and press OK.

Logging in to your Telkom Mifi enables you to manage and monitor many things on this portable router. This includes; checking battery levels, sending and receiving messages, checking data bundles used in GBs, checking optimum placement for the best signal, and many more.

How to buy bundles and check balance for your Telkom MiFi using Myaccount Telkom (‘’)

Once you made sure that the Telkom line used by the MiFi is topped up with credit, you can proceed to buy bundles using the web portal i.e. mytelkom Kenya

To log in to check the balance and buy bundles use myaccount.telkom link. Here is how to go about:

  1. Open your browser and go to ‘ ‘ or click here.
  2. Log in to your account by putting in ‘My number’ i.e. 077* ****** and ‘password’ 888888.
  3. When you log in, you can check your balance and all information about your Telkom Kenya MiFi line.
  4. To buy bundles, select purchase bundles and click on internet bundles.

Using the myaccount web portal is the fast and easy way to top up your Telkom Mifi line as well as manage it. Having access to this portal allows you to manage the account both on your mobile phone and laptop. This offers you as a user the flexibility to choose.


How to top up Telkom Kenya MiFi with bundles and airtime

Here is how you top up bundles to your Telkom MiFi

  • Open your web browser on your phone (or computer.)
  • Type in ‘ ‘ or click here to go directly to myaccount telkom website.
  • Now, log in to your account.
  • Put in your MiFi Telkom Kenya number ’07********’
  • Next, input the ‘Password’ which is 888888
  • Press Log in
  • You will access the account information page.
  • Select Purchase Bundles, and pick Internet Bundles.
  • Pick the offer you want and choose Purchase.
  • You will get a confirmation of the purchased bundles.
  • Confirm in the ‘Account Information.’

Here are other ways to buy bundles for your Telkom Line, this also includes your MiFi.

Once you have configured your Telkom MiFi, it’s time to buy internet bundles and top up your 4G router. There are different ways of topping up your Telkom bundles that is through the my.telkom , through dialling *544# and using the my Telkom app.

Note: Make sure you have topped-up credit on your Telkom Kenya MiFi line before you purchase internet bundles. See how you can top your Telkom line with credit.



What is the Telkom Kenya 4G MiFi router?

A Telkom Kenya 4G MiFi router creates a Wi-Fi hotspot, enabling seamless internet access on-the-go. It is a portable device that allows you to connect multiple devices to the internet using Telkom Kenya's 4G and 3G network.

How do I set up the Telkom Kenya 4G MiFi router?

To set up the 4G MiFi router, start by inserting a Telkom Kenya SIM card into the device, turn it on, and follow the instructions provided in the user manual. Typically, you will need to connect to the MiFi's Wi-Fi network and enter the provided default password to access the router settings. The default router passowrd can be found on the back under the cover or next to the barcode. This depends on the model.

How many devices can connect to the Telkom Kenya 4G MiFi router simultaneously?

Telkom Kenya 4G MiFi router supports multiple simultaneous devices connecting to its Wi-Fi hotspot. The exact number of connections will depending on the specific model. However most routers can accommodate up to 10 or more devices.

How can I check my Telkom Kenya 4G MiFi router's data usage?

Check your data usage on the Telkom Kenya 4G MiFi router by accessing the router's web interface or using the Telkom Kenya mobile app. These options provide information about your data consumption, remaining balance, and other relevant details. Also, you can use the Huawei HiSense app to check data usage.

Can I use the Telkom Kenya 4G MiFi router while traveling abroad?

Yes, you can use the Telkom Kenya 4G MiFi router while traveling abroad, provided there is a compatible network available. However, additional roaming charges may apply. It's recommended to check Telkom Kenya's roaming policies and rates before using the MiFi router outside Kenya.

How do I recharge or top up data for my Telkom Kenya 4G MiFi router?

To recharge or top up data for your Telkom Kenya 4G MiFi router, you can use methods such as purchasing airtime vouchers, using mobile money services like M-PESA or T-Kash, or using the Telkom Kenya self-care portal or mobile app. These options allow you to add data bundles to your MiFi router's account.

How do I secure my Telkom Kenya 4G MiFi router?

To secure your Telkom Kenya 4G MiFi router, it is recommended to change the default password upon setup, enable WPA2 encryption for your Wi-Fi network, and disable remote management access. Regularly updating the firmware and implementing a strong password will further enhance security.


To summarise, the Telkom Kenya 4G MiFi router is one of the best solutions in Kenya for convenient and reliable internet connectivity on the go. Having a portable design and the ability to connect multiple devices simultaneously, it empowers users to stay connected wherever they are using Telkom Kenya data bundles. By considering the price, specifications, and features, you can make an informed decision when purchasing this device. Whether for work, travel, or leisure, the Telkom Kenya 4G MiFi router provides a good browsing experience in most parts of the country. To acquire this device, you can explore Telkom Kenya’s official stores, authorized retailers, or online platforms. Enjoy the freedom of fast and secure internet access with the Telkom Kenya 4G MiFi router and unlock a world of connectivity possibilities.

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