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How to setup Telkom Kenya MiFi 4G router – Step by step.

Need to setup your Telkom Kenya MiFi 4G router? Normally, this should have been done at the Telkom shop by the attendant who sold it to you. However, this complete guide will take you through how to set up your MiFi router.

How to setup Telkom Kenya MiFi 4G router step by step

These are the steps you need to follow to set up the Telkom Kenya 4G MiFi router.

Step 1: Open the Huawei HiLink App (Make sure you have downloaded and installed it on your phone.)

Step 2: Press Next

Step 3: Allow the HiLink app to access your location and Press OK.

Step 4: Swipe across the introduction text for ” HUAWEI HiLink App – New Login” , “Prevent unauthorized access” , “Quick Sharing”

Step 5: Press ‘START’

Step 6: Now, connect your device to the “Huawei MiFi” hotspot. The default ‘username’ and ‘password’ will be found on the back cover of your Telkom 4G MiFi

Step 7: Allow ‘HUAWEI HiLink’ to access the device location.

Step 8: You will then have access to the Telkom MiFi. You will see the main window that will show you ‘devices and ‘Tools’.

Step 9: Next, press ‘ Log In’

Note: To configure your Telkom MiFi 4G router, you will need to first install the Huawei HiLink app on your phone.

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