telkom kenya how to buy data internet bundles saidia

How to buy and top up bundles for your Telkom Kenya line

Need to buy and top up bundles for your telkom Kenya line? Here we highlight all the ways in which you can quickly and easily purchase Telkom Kenya data internet bundles.



telkom kenya how to buy data internet bundles saidia

Telkom Kenya has the most affordable internet bundle offering in Kenya. This is because they offer amazing deals during their Freedom Friday offers and also have a wide selection of everyday bundles that you can buy. The selection is also wide and they have more offers compared to internet bundle offers that other mobile networks provide in Kenya i.e. Safaricom, Airtel, Jamii Telkom and Equitel.

Here are ways in which you can buy and top up bundles for your Telkom Kenya line by either dialing *544#, paying through m-pesa or using t-kash.

Buy Telkom bundles by dialing *544#

To buy Telkom bundles directly follow the steps below:

  1. First, top up your Telkom line with credit.
  2. Open phone dialer app
  3. Dial *544#
  4. Once the USSD code loads, it will display a menu of options, select option 1- the data bundle option.
  5. Select your preferred time validity for the bundle, be it Daily, Weekly or Monthly.
  6. Next choose the desired bundle size for example Daily 2gb @ 99 / = choose option 1.
  7. Complete the bundle purchase by positively confirming the choice in subsequent USSD prompts.

Buy Telkom Bundles sing T-kash

You can also buy Telkom Kenya bundles using t-kash. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Open the T-kash application and select the Buy Airtime icon.
  2. Select option number 5 titled “Internet Bundle”.
  3. Input the required bundle size depending on your preference and balance amount.
  4. Confirm your selection by entering your transaction Pin.
  5. Bundle purchase will be confirmed by a T-kash confirmation message as well as a bundle confirmation text.

Buy Telkom Kenya Bundles through using Telkom app

This is how you top up and buy bundles using the ‘my Telkom app’.

  1. First, make sure you have downloaded and installed the app on your phone.
  2. Next, open the app and login
  3. Once the app is open, select the bundles tab
  4. Select the bundles you want to buy
  5. Complete the purchase and wait for confirmation.

Use Myaccount Telkom Kenya to buy data bundles

To get access to myaccount Telkom portal, and buy internet bundles follow these steps:

  1. Open your web browser either Google chrome, opera (mini), firefox, brave etc.
  2. Type ‘’ or click here.
  3. Once you access the website, you’ll be asked to ‘Log in to your account’. Please log in
  4. Put in your telephone number ‘My Number: example 077x xxx xxx or 020xxxxxxx’
  5. Key in password ‘888888’
  6. Now, access your portal.
  7. Choose ‘Purchase Bundles.’
  8. Select the bundle you want to buy and press purchase.
  9. Wait for confirmation of purchase.


Note: Make sure you have topped up your telkom line with enough credit to buy

Well the main question when buying bundles has always been what is the best available internet bundle package for me? The answer to this is determined by our varying personal necessities as well as ease of purchase. The convenience of these bundles covers all time frames with which we might need the bundles and these are Daily, Weekly and Monthly bundles.



Purchasing a new bundle before expiry of the existing bundles ensures an automatic accumulation of the new and existing bundles and sets their expiry date to the one of the newly acquired bundle. This is beneficial to the customer as one is guaranteed value for money spent.

Do you get Ziada points when you buy telkom bundles?

Ziada points are awarded to the customer for every data bundle purchased.

How do you check telkom bundle balance?

Internet bundle balances are always available by dialing *131# and following the prompts.

What happens to unused internet bundles from telkom?

Unused and expired bundles after allocated periods are forfeited.

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