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9 sure ways to increase your mobile loan limit that work – get bigger loans

When it comes to applying for mpesa loans, it can sometimes be frustrating when your mobile loan limit is not increasing. Have you been in this situation? You repay your loan, and apply for another one, only to end up getting the same amount from your mobile loan app. Not the best feeling.

After using different loan apps, and borrowing consistently, I finally came across 9 sure ways to increase your borrowing limit. This applies to popular m-pesa loans like Zenka, Tala, Timiza, and Branch. Not only those but also new mobile lending apps like Zash, Fairkash, and Kashway, just to mention a few.

If you want to save time and reduce your headache on this matter, keep reading because in this post you’ll learn 7 different tricks and ways to increase your mobile loan limit. In addition to that, these tips apply also if you want an m-shwari loan limit increase. And read till the end, because we add a bonus powerful tip.

Repay your borrowed loan on time

Yes. Making sure you have repaid your mobile loan before or on the day is due is very important. It may sound very obvious. But trust me, defaulting on your loan, even by one day, is the single largest reason for limits not increasing. Also, this might lead to you losing your loan limit altogether.

So, to increase your chances of growing your loan limit, make sure after receiving your loan in cash, you repay it on time.

Avoid defaulting on loans

There is late payment, and then there is not paying the loan at all. That is called defaulting on your loan. We can see why being a loan defaulter reduces your loan limit.

No mobile loan app company would want to risk lending money to someone who doesn’t repay.

When you default on your loan, there is a high chance you might end up on the CRB blacklist. So the next important step is to avoid defaulting on loans borrowed.

Request loans often – Borrow mobile loans more often

Who do you think mobile loan lenders want to increase limits and lend a loan to? Someone who borrows a loan after every four months, or someone who borrows a loan immediately after repaying their last one?

Of cos, the client who borrows more often.

Yes, the same way if you were running a business, you really want a repeat customer.

Another way to increase your mobile loan limit is to request loans on the app more often. This helps the system to mark you as a consistent loan borrower hence adding your chances of growing your loan limit. However, do this responsibly.

Transact a lot more on M-pesa and as often as possible

In addition to requesting and applying for loans, to grow your loan limit, make sure you transact a lot on your m-pesa.

One of the factors loan apps look for when increasing your borrowing limit is how often you make transactions on m-pesa. This is because when you install the apps it can scheme your SMS, including your mpesa messages.

Clean up your INBOX from debt SMS

The saying goes, if you let dirty dishes pile up, you’ll struggle washing up. If you have received SMS from unknown people claiming that you need to repay a certain loan, make sure you delete such messages. These messages could also be from other mobile loan apps that you have defaulted on. Just delete them.


The reason for this is that with mobile loan apps, they ask for rights to access your SMS inbox. This means they scan your SMS inbox to find out if it’s financially healthy. Having a ‘debt collector’ SMS in your inbox will reduce your chances of increasing the loan limit.

Use accurate information when registering for a loan app to increase mobile loan limit

Do not use false information when registering on mobile loan apps. This way, you increase your integrity to mpesa cash lenders.

Building trust from the beginning with the companies that will give emergency instant loans is a good way to ensure that your loan limit will go up in the future.

Grant all necessary permissions to mobile loan apps

Sometimes, it may feel like the mobile lenders are asking for too much information from you when they ask for different permissions and rights. For example, these loan apps normally ask for rights to access your contacts, SMS etc. This way, they will have enough information to create a good borrowing profile for you.

Also, if you are worried about your privacy, take heart. Most loan apps promise to store your data safely and securely.

Bonus: Surprise your lender – Pay before the loan is due

A wise person once said, if the food is ready 15 minutes before, everyone is happy. Yes, this also applies to when making repayments for borrowed cash from mpesa loan apps.

No lending company will refuse an early payment. In fact, you will be rewarded. Your mobile loan limit will likely be increased.


Having a large loan limit is a good thing. It will come in handy when you need to borrow an emergency loan because there is more cash to access. The above tips on how to grow your limit apply to all mobile phone users.

Some of the mobile loan apps like Tala and Zenka have also given guides that can help their customers slowly increase their loan limit. Make sure to follow them and apply them to your benefit. Now, enjoy larger loan limits.

So, what are your thoughts on these 7 tips including the bonus? Leave a comment below.

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