How to apply for a kashway loan | step by step

Need to apply for a Kashway loan using th mobile loan app? This article will take you step by step on how to do this.

Kashway loan app is a revolutionary mobile loan lending app in Kenya. It is designed to make loan access an easy and hassle free experience. Kashway is easily accessible from any part of Kenya provided you have a working android phone and an internet connection.

Are you a new user and would like a step by step guide on navigating this application? Do you own a smart phone with an android operating system? Go to the google play store, download and install the Kashway application and follow these simple steps to acquire the funds you need.

How to apply for a kashway loan step by step

Follow these steps to apply for a kashway loan.

  1. Search for any of the following key words “Kashway for android”, “Kashway loan app download”, “Kashway loan app download Kenya” or simply ” Kashway app” on the play store, install the application and open it.
  2. Give the application the necessary permissions, starting with access to device location.
  3. Key in the necessary information required starting with your M-pesa transaction number.
  4. Verify the telephone number by entering the secret verification number sent to the M-pesa number provided.
  5. Fill in your personal details on the spaces provided with the marker of a red asterisk (*). These include your Identification number, Full government recognized names, two Emergency contacts as well as a working and valid email address.
  6. Save the details and proceed to enter the amount of money you need on the loan.
  7. If and once approved, the loan will be disbursed to the M-pesa number provided from the Kashway USSD code number 900069.

How to apply for a kashway loan as an existing user

For existing and subscribed users, the process is simpler as the personal details will not need to be re-entered as every user of the application has a personal account which is password protected.

  1. Key in the registered M-pesa telephone number.
  2. Allow the application the permission to access phone calls.
  3. Allow the application the permission to access SMS messages
  4. Proceed to enter the loan amount you require.
  5. Await confirmation of loan application which is estimated at a few minutes.
  6. Disbursement of the funds will be to the M-pesa number registered on the account.

Kashway loan interest rate and repayment period

The kashway loan will attract a 36% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) as Interest with no service fees being charged.

The period for repayment of a borrowed kashway will be between 91 days as the minimum to 180 days as the maximum.

Credit scores are positively affected and revised by the early repayment of disbursed loans. Defaulters are listed on the Credit Reference Bureau as well as incurring late payment fees.


Gone are the days of needless, tiring and frustrating queues at banking halls convenience is compiled in an application needing only a short five-minute process. Use the kashway loan app to quickly apply for your mpesa loan on your mobile phone.

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