How to contact branch loan customer care and get quick help

how to contact branch loan customer care
Contact branch loan customer care

Do you have a problem with your Branch app and need to contact the Branch loan customer care? Look no further. Below we have listed the different ways which you can reach Branch international in order to get help with your problem.

Over the last few years, the Branch loan app has become very popular with the Kenyan people. This is because it is quick and easy to download and install on your android phone. Not only that, this app that is run by Branch international offers instant emergency loans of between 500 KSH and 70,000 KSH. And you can easily increase your loan limit in the app.

Another reason why the app is popular is that it is very easy to apply for a loan. You will qualify for an instant mobile loan in the blink of an eye.

Every once in awhile using the Branch app on your mobile phone, you may come across a problem that needs a customer care agent to help. The type of issues you need help with are many and may differ.

Maybe it’s because the Branch loan you have applied for has taken too long to be sent to your m-pesa account. Or, you need help resetting your Branch accounts PIN because you have forgotten it.

No matter what problem you may be having with your loan app, branch customer care is here to help you sort it out. They also have an amazing resource that can help you with some of the commonly asked questions. Use branch FAQs and see whether one of your questions have been answered there.

Below find how you can contact a customer care representative for Branch international.

Did you know: In order for Branch to quickly qualify you for a loan it needs to read your SMS’s and other permissions. Find out what else branch app has access to on your phone.

Branch loan customer care contacts

Use the in-app chat to contact Branch international:

One of the quickest ways to contact Branch is using the in-app chat feature. All you have to do is log in to your Branch account. At the top left corner, open the menu button. The second last option reads customer care. Press that option and you will be able to chat directly with a branch customer care representative.

Try contacting Branch using their email address:

Another way you can contact branch loan customer care is by using their email address. The support team at Branch can be reached using the ‘[email protected]’ email.

Reach Branch customer care on social media through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:

Need another way to contact branch customer care? The money lending app has a very active social media presence. You can reach them on their facebook page, twitter handle and even on instagram.

Does branch customer care have a phone number?

We have seen this question asked a lot on the internet. Does Branch have a telephone number? For customer care purposes, Branch haven’t offered a mobile or landline number by which you can contact them.

However, given the different methods at hand to contact their customer care, this should not come as a problem. The in app chat [internal link] feature especially is very responsive and there is almost always someone on standby to answer your branch app related questions for you.

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