how to contact branch loan customer care

How to contact branch loan customer care: Telephone number, mobile, email and SMS

Are you having a problem with your Branch loan app? Then you can quickly get in touch with customer care to assist you through branch loan contacts Kenya. Branch has different ways in which you can contact customer service through telephone number, branch loan SMS number, social media and email address. Here we will show you the fastest way to get assistance from a customer service representative through branch loan app contacts. Read below to be assisted.

how to contact branch loan customer care
Contact branch loan customer care

Do you have a problem with your Branch app and need to contact the Branch customer care number? Look no further. Below we have listed the different ways in which you can reach Branch international in order to get help with your problem.

How to contact Branch loan app customer care

There is more than one way you can use to contact Branch so that you can get assisted with the problem you are facing on the app.

These are the different ways to contact customer care in Kenya for Branch app users

Below find a detailed breakdown of all these ways to get in touch with customer service.

Branch loan customer care phone number kenya

Although on the Branch website they say that at the moment they do not offer customer support by phone number, they have a listed telephone number that you can call. 

Branch telephone number: 254711995555

Branch loan app email address

To get in touch with customer care through email, send it through the one below. 

Branch app email address: [email protected]

Contact Branch app customer care through social media

By far the fastest way to get a response to a problem on the Branch app and get assistance from a customer service representative is through their social media. You can reach them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Below are ways to contact Branch on social media. 

Twitter: @branch_co

Facebook: branchkenya

Instagram: @branch_co

Note: We have seen that the fastest way to get a response from Branch is through Facebook chat. Go directly to the Branch Facebook page and start a conversation with a customer care representative on Facebook messenger. That being said, Twitter and Instagram also get responses from customer service in good time. 

Use the in-app chat to contact Branch international

One of the quickest ways to contact Branch is using the in-app chat feature. All you have to do is log in to your Branch account. At the top left corner, open the menu button. The second last option reads customer care. Press that option and you will be able to chat directly with a branch customer care representative.


Does branch customer care have a phone number?

We have seen this question asked a lot on the internet. Does Branch have a telephone number? For customer care purposes, Branch hasn’t offered a mobile or landline number by which you can contact them.

Here is what they say on the Branch website.

At the moment, we do not provide customer support by phone number or in person. Please send us a message via the app any time, and we will help you resolve whatever issue you may have.


Though as a Branch loan app user, if you really need to get in touch with customer care over the phone, the following phone number is available on their website, Branch telephone number: 254711995555

However, given the different methods at hand to contact their customer care, this should not come as a problem. The in-app chat feature especially is very responsive and there is almost always someone on standby to answer your branch app-related questions for you.

Did you know: In order for Branch to quickly qualify you for a loan it needs to read your SMS’s and other permissions. Find out what else branch app has access to on your phone.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions asked to branch customer care by users contacting the help desk.

Branch app customer having delays in money being sent to your Branch account?

When this happens, Branch users need to give the app sometime and wait to see if the money will be dispersed. If you do not receive your cash to your phone, contact a branch app customer service representative.

Not qualifying for a Branch loan after applying through the app?

Sometimes when you apply for a Branch loan you will not get one immediately. There are a few reasons why users do not qualify for loans from Branch. The main one is when you have delayed in paying back a loan that was previously lent to you on the app. Also being listed on the CRB. Solution: Wait for the number of days it shows you on the Branch app and then try and reapply for a branch loan facility.

Need to change your number on the Branch loan app?

If you have changed your mobile number and want to apply for a loan on Branch, you will need to contact customer care to do so. Make sure you have a copy of your ID to share with customer service representatives.

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  1. Have tried to register but it doesnt respond my names……. declaring that my names are illegal……. kindly assist me

    1. Hi Jackson, thanks for getting intouch with saidia regarding the Branch registration issue you are facing. To solve this, When you are filling in your name details, make sure they appear exactly as they are in your ID. If they do not match, you will get this error. For more details check out our how to register, apply for a branch loan guide. Also note, each user is only allowed one branch account.

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