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Mejja, Gengeton star features in Epic Timiza loan app ad, it’s Fire!

Timiza loan app, one of the popular mobile loan apps in Kenya partners with Kenyan gengetone star, Mejja, in their latest Ad. The advert titled ‘Timiza presents Mejja Limits’ highlights the benefits you can get from downloading and applying for a loan through their facility.


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Mejja is never short of creativity when it comes to his craft. This is witnessed in the new advert that they partnered with Timiza loan app by ABSA.

His smooth way of ‘spitting lines’ with the charm that only he has perfected how really resonates. Many people ask what is Mejja’s real name? Since he has become a household favorite to most of us. Mejja’s real name is Major Nameye Khadija.

The proof you need is in the string of hits the Gengetone star has released in recent years.

One thing I did notice is that Mejja swapped his infamous tumbler with a mobile phone that has the Timiza app installed. Also, the advert title ‘Mejja limits’ is a brilliant play on words, highlighting the major loan limits on loans that Timiza offers.

Watch the Timiza loan app video ft Mejja

Timiza ad synopsis

The gengeton star Mejja, who also goes by the name Okwonkwo, highlights how your friends, family members and small businesses in Kenya can benefit from taking a Timiza loan.

Mejja then goes on to explain why Timiza loan benefited his friend, a lady running a bakery.

“Niaje, uko na bakery biashare plan?”

Tuko na Timiza loan limit to make it happen.

So you too can achieve, your limitless potential.

Jiwezeshe na Timiza. Au sio. Ajaab.”

I think the script is brilliant, simple and nails the tone perfectly. But that’s just my take on it.

Have you watched the ad? What do you think about it, share it with us in the poll below.

Check out Mejja’s youtube channel here.

What is Timiza?

Timiza app is a complete financial app on your phone that is available to download from the google play store or the Apple app store.

It offers its users instant loans to their mobile phones, the ability to send money, pay bills/ utilities, purchase airtime, and also get insurance cover.

Yes, the Timiza app is a multipurpose app compared to other mobile loan apps and it’s offered by ABSA Bank, formerly Barclays Bank.

It comes with many features that categorise it more as a digital banking wallet app that is available on your phone. This means you can borrow money through a loan, send money to other Timiza users, or use it as a savings account.



Features that Timiza app offers

Let’s quickly go through the features of the Timiza app.

Borrow instant loans from your phone

Timiza app by ABSA acts like a mobile loan app enabling users who download and install it to borrow money. This cash is dispersed quickly and directly to your Timiza account once you apply for the loan.

Save money through Timiza zidisha savings account

Another service that Timiza app customers can enjoy is a savings account that earns them an interest of 5% per year.

The savings account is called zidisha savings and offers customers returns on balances above 100 KSH.

Pay Bills and utilities through Timiza

Not only is Timiza a loan app and a savings account, but the mobile banking app also allows users to pay for bills directly from their account.

Users can pay for DSTV, electricity, Safaricom internet, and other bills from inside the app.

Buy airtime

If you are low on credit for your phone and you have the Timiza app, then there is no need to worry. This mobile banking app enables you to buy airtime for your phone directly from within the app.

You can buy credit for your Safaricom line, Telkom line or Airtel line.

Send money to other Timza users

The other thing Timiza enables you to do is send money directly to other Timiza users. So if your friend, family or business has Timiza app, you can easily send money to them at no extra fee.


Although the main reason for downloading and using the Timiza app is to access the loan facility, we have seen that the app really is more than that. It is a digital mobile banking app that is all-rounded and gives its customers a wide variety of services.

Mejja the king of genge, aka Okwonko, partnering with ABSA to promote the loan facility that Timiza offers looks like a smart move or is it? Gives us your thoughts below.

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