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Branch Loan app Review

Are you looking to use the branch loan app to apply for a quick loan and are wondering how it compares to others in the market? Then you are in the right place. Here we cover all the questions you may be having about the branch app. These include, interest rate, loan repayment period and how to get the app on your phone. 

Pros and Cons:

PROS: The installation process is easy and straight forward for the Branch Loan app. Once you apply for the loan and it is approved, you get the loan almost instantly.

CONS: Adding your loan limit takes a long time since you slowly have to build trust with the app.

VERDICT: Branch is easy to use and both the installation and approval processes are very quick. You will not be asked for any documents when applying for the loan. This saves you time and effort especially if you are in need of an emergency loan. 

Is Branch loan app legit? Yes. However, you need to be patient when it comes to getting an increase in your loan limit. But this should be understandable because the loan app uses artificial intelligence and data it can find to weigh options of giving a user their loan. Being consistent is also necessary, make your loan payments in time to make sure you qualify for a larger amount and also to avoid ending up in the bad books and being listed on the CRB.

branch-loan-app-review-topbest loan apps kenya


Branch is an app that makes it easy for you to access credit anytime, anywhere. It is developed by a company with the same name as the brand, branch international. It has branches in San Francisco and Kenya. This mobile loan app has over 10 million downloads on the google play app store and a 4.6 average rating by users 63K plus users.

Branch has been one of the most downloaded loan apps in Kenya for a long time. It competes very closely with the Tala loan app that is currently ranked number one in Kenya.

Details about the branch app, size, updates and version

This loan app also comes in a manageable size, 6.6 MB which is a compact size. This means that its quick and easy to download.  With Branch Loan app, updates are carried out often and currently it is on version 1.59.1. What this means is that, if an app is updated often it is more stable and performs well. This is because most bugs which have been reported are rectified quickly. Please note you will require android version 4.1 and above in order for the Branch app to operate optimally on your phone. 


If you need to reach Branch for any technical support, you can do so through the app or you can reach them via email. We have highlighted their contact details and you can find them by clicking here.


The Branch mobile loan app is available on the android play store and can be downloaded for free. Yes, that’s right the Branch mobile loan app is 100% free, only cost you your data bundles. All you have to do is download it from the google play store. Check out this detailed step by step guide on how to download and install branch on your phone.

Want to learn more about Branch, check out their website here. You can also find them on social media where they have a big following. This makes it easier for you as a user to contact them if the other channels take long to get a response. Check them out branch international social media profiles on both twitter and facebook.

Branch loan repayment and interest rate

Branch allows two types of loan repayment. 21 days, 30 days and 90 days. With Branch, the limits of money  you can take are from a minimum of KES 500 and a maximum of KES 70,000. Interest rate for branch starts at 14.57%.


Branch International app top 10 loan apps Kenya
Branch Loan APP interface

The Branch loan app is one of the most feature rich apps in the market. With seamless download and install, this allows you as a user to instantly access the branch services on your phone. Getting a loan requires no collateral off any kind this means that no title deed or car log book is required to get a loan. When applying for a loan, they will not ask you for documents or any long forms to fill neither will you have to visit any office.

User experience:

branch top loan apps in kenya-1
A screenshot of the branch loan app interface

The branch loan app is clean, simple and to the point. This makes the loan app one of the best to download and easy to use because of the well thought out and designed user interface. There are no unnecessary buttons on the main home screen which avoids any distractions.

A minor challenge we experienced is the location of the menu, however after locating it and making a mental note, finding it was not a hustle.

We would suggest however having an in app tutorial to highlight all the features and how you can access them.

Here at Siadia we have a tutorial on how to use the app which you can find here.

Branch app minimum and maximum loan limit

The maximum amount of money, i.e. loan limit you can get is KES 300,000 while on the lower end when applying for the first time you get a limit of KES 1,000.

Help and support

Branch has sufficient support. This means that when you ask them a question, it will be responded to in reasonably good time. Accessing their in built chat app allows you to speak directly to a customer care representative. Chat responses normally take between 2 and 45 minutes. For even more effective results, reach Branch team on social media and also through their contact page.

Enjoy the Branch Loan App.


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