Tala contacts: tala customer care phone number, Email and SMS

Need to get in touch with a Tala customer care representative, here you will get three ways in which you can. The reason for contacting customer care may be because you paid your loan and haven’t gotten a response, or you want to be cleared from CRB. Find Tala’s contacts below, email, SMS, and Phone. 

If you are here you must be wondering how do you get tala contacts for the customer care team to help you. You have downloaded and installed the Tala app, but in the process of using it, you encounter a problem with the application.

What next?

You need instant assistance with the app, whether it’s about the loan not being sent or the paybill number having an issue. When it comes to tala customer care telephone numbers in Kenya, they have not listed their phone number, but that should not discourage you.

Tala customer care contacts

How to contact tala customer care

There are many ways you can reach tala contact center; one of those ways is reaching them through their very active social media pages. Second, you can utilize the SMS service  21991 to contact them about your issue with the loan app.

Another way to reach tala customer service is inside the mobile app where customers can chat with a support representative.

We know tala app is one of the best instant loan services in Kenya. This is because it has helped a great number of Kenyans qualify for instant mobile mpesa loans. These loans help them sort out financial emergencies like pay for KPLC power tokens, medical bills, and buy gas.

The money you receive once you qualify for the loan also does not need you to have security or a guarantor. Below find how you can reach them for assistance using the tala contacts.

Tala Loan contacts

Here we take you through in detail how you can easily reach the tala customer care details. These include contact no for SMS, social media links, and email address. This in turn will help you resolve any problems that you may be having with your app and continue enjoying services from Kenya’s favorite mobile loan app.

Contact Tala Through Email

One of the most reliable ways to reach out to customer care and support desk is through their tala customer care email address. The tala email address to reach them on is [email protected] where you will have a support representative get back to you on your query.

Always make sure to reach them through your Gmail account for a faster response. This is because it is linked to the app and also your Google Play Store account. However, also reaching them using other email addresses is okay.

Tala contact through mobile app:

The Tala loan app has a way in which users can reach the support team. At the bottom of the first page of the app, there is a clickable link placed there asking you to contact them. This is the in-app method of getting assisted.

Tala contact through social media, Facebook, twitter and instagram

This is one of the Kenyan loan apps that has a very large social media following. And there is a good reason for this; it is because tala is very active when it comes to responding to social media queries on their platforms.

As a user, you can reach them on facebook by posting or using the message feature. Another way is through their Instagram page which has over 5,000 followers. In addition to that, Tala mobile Kenya has a twitter page where you can directly DM customer care and they will be able to assist you with your problem.

Tala Contact through SMS service

On your phone, by sending an SMS to 21991 you can reach Tala customer care. This message will be asking them a question about help with tala. As convenient as this method is, do note that SMS charges will apply. Also, this service is only available on Safaricom mobile network.

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How can I talk to Tala?

if you need to talk to tala, you can do so through the inbuilt chat on the tala app. Also, you can reach them using their email address, twitter account or facebook.

How do you cancel your tala loan?

To cancel your tala loan, you need to repay the whole amount you owe to the mobile loan company. Once you clear your loan repayment, then you will have cleared your loan.

Can I get a Tala loan without a smartphone?

No you can't! Tala loans can only been applied for on an android phone y downloading the app from google playstore.

What is the maximum tala loan you can get?

The maximum amount you can apply for on tala is 30,000 KSH. This is the largest amount a customer can qualify to borrow on the loan app. The minimum amount you can borrow from the tala loan app is 500 KSH.


Can you reach tala through telephone number? No. Although tala does not provide a telephone number to call them directly, they have offered other ways with which you can contact them. These are the chat within the mobile app, using SMS, the tala customer email, their Twitter page and on Facebook.

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      1. Yesterday 26/3/2020 sent my payment 4000ksh overmy loan but not received messsage of delivery please

        1. Hi Vincent, send the confirmation message from mpesa to tala using the “message us” option found under FAQs. you can also send an email to have the same confirmed. Glad to saidia you.

    1. Plz i have already paid the debt so plz remove me crb blacklisting plz i clearerance ceterficate

      1. Hi Abdirashid, for your name to be removed from CRB blacklist by Tala, it normally takes 3 working days. This is because Tala needs to update the CRB records with people who have cleared the Tala loans. If this doesn’t happen within 3 days, contact tala using email or chat and ask them to send batch number to CRB. Also, confirm that yo haven’t been listed by any other loan providers on CRB. Glad to saidia you. TK

    1. Hi Peter, we are here to saidia you. Tala haven’t given out their direct number. However, try contacting them from inside the tala app. To contact tala in the app follow these steps:

    2. open the Tala app
    3. login to your tala account
    4. At the bottom, select view FAQs or Send us a message.
    5. Select send us a message.
    6. type in your question and send.
    7. A tala customer care representative will get back to you to assist you.

  1. Your Message I have received a message that says I can bollow 2-20 months ,I feel to believe that number,plz! send me your number customer care.

    1. Hi Jared, here at saidia we aim to help you with the issue you are going through by giving you the right information. Tala sends SMS using the number 21991. Any other SMS numbers consider them a con. It’s good to be observant. T.K.

  2. Yesterday 26/3/2020 sent my payment 4000ksh overmy loan but not received messsage of delivery please

  3. I have paid my loan yet u have not updated my account only sending me notification to pay my loan send messages to customer care no feedback to day is my deadline so will I pay the extra for delaying or no coz I have already paid pliz held hapa

    1. Hi Collins. Pole for the issue you are facing with Tala when repaying your loan. To sort this out, If your amount is not reflecting in your tala account, or has not been updated on your tala account this is what you need to do. Copy paste the mpesa confirmation message showing repayment made of tala loan. Open the tala app and navigate to the tala in-app chat. Paste this message here and send it to tala.
      Please note that the mpesa message should capture the following things:
      Transaction code
      The amount you paid.
      The date and time of the transaction.
      Account number the payment was made to.

      This way, tala customer support and technicians are able to trace the payment you made and add it to your tala account. Check out some more tips on making your tala loan repayment.
      Thanks for reaching out on saidia, we are here to saidia you. T.K>

    1. Hello Jane, to get a refund for your overpaid amount to tala, Copy the mpesa confirmation message and send it to Tala asking for a refund. The fastest way to contact tala is through the in-app chat feature using the “message us” option found under FAQs.
      To be removed from CRB, you will need to wait at least 48 hours for CRB records to be updated. If this doesnt happen, contact Tala to update CRB records. Glad to saidia you. TK.

  4. have been listed as a defaulter of tala, what can i do to clear myself?

    1. Hi Vincent, to clear yourself as a defaulter on CRB due to tala loan, do the following. 1st, make sure that you have cleared the loan you owe to tala. Next, make sure you are not listed by any other loan providers on CRB. After doin this, wait for three days for Tala to send an update to CRB. If after 3 days you are still listed, contact Tala and ask them to send batch number with updated records to CRB so that you can be removed as a defaulter. Hope we have saidia you. TK

    1. To check your tala status on how much you qualify for, open the tala app and you will see how much you can apply for. To know your CRB status, dial *433# Note that this service is charged at 50 ksh.

  5. I cleared my TALA loan of amount 7490 shillings today at 17 :27 pm but when I open my TALA APP, I still see that I owe you 7490 shillings,, are there any delays,, I even sent a proof to show that I cleared, what is happening??

    1. Hi veronica. Hope the payment went through. To get direct assistant quickly, use the tala chat function in the tala app. “Tala app Chat: Click here to chat directly from the Tala app.”

    1. Hi kennedy, kindly share what you experience so that we can see how best to help. TK

    Who took that loan? which number was used? which ID Number was used? i demand answers right away

  7. I have applying tala kenya loans for so many times but still i didn’t the feedback from the tala loan app.i need assistance for u.

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