repay branch loan using branch paybill number

Branch Loan Payment: Repay branch using app and mpesa paybill number

Need to repay the branch loan you borrowed from the app? There are two main ways to do a Branch loan repayment; inside the app and also through Branch mpesa paybill number. This article will guide you on how to do both.

repay branch loan using branch paybill number
repay branch loan using branch paybill number

Paying back your loan with no hustle is an added bonus, hence you will need the Branch paybill number and account number, to make it easy to repay the borrowed cash. In this how to pay branch loan via mpesa guide, it doesn’t matter where you are in Kenya, you’ll be able to do this quickly and conveniently through mpesa.

Imagine just quickly opening up mpesa on your phone, keying in the Branch mpesa paybill 998608, and with a touch of a few buttons, you are done.

Branch Loan Paybill number: 998608

No need to queue up in a banking hall or withdraw cash money to do a branch loan repayment. That is not bad at all!

Find a step by step guide below on how to repay your Branch loan.

How to pay Branch loan with Branch Mpesa paybill number (Paybill namba)

These are the steps to take when making your branch loan repayment using the paybill number 998608

  1. Open the ‘Mpesa menu‘ on your mobile phone.
  2. Select ‘Lipa na mpesa
  3. Now choose the ‘Paybill‘ option
  4. The Branch loan app Paybill number is 998608, enter this number
  5. Enter your registered safaricom mpesa number as the account number
  6. Proceed to enter the loan amount you owe Branch and Press OK
  7. Enter your m-pesa Pin.
  8. Confirm that the Paybill number, account and amount are correct.
  9. Press Ok.
  10. You will receive an SMS confirmation from Branch that they have received your payment.

Those are the steps you follow when making a repayment when using the Branch loan paybill no , it’s quick, fast and convenient. Note, by following the steps above, that is how to pay branch loan without the app. That’s in case you need to make a payment from a different phone number or m-pesa account.

Branch loan payment via the app

The Branch loan app has made it very easy for loan borrowers to repay through the app itself. 

To repay your branch loan using the app follow these steps.

  1. Open the Branch app
  2. Choose ‘My Loan’.
  3. select ‘Pay’
  4. Enter the amount you want to repay, either the whole amount of the loan or just part of the loan.
  5. Pres ‘Pay’.
  6. Wait for m-pesa to open on your phone and enter your PIN

You will have completed the Branch loan app repayment quickly and easily. Note, when using this method to repay, you wont be asked for the Branch Pay Bill. It will automatically be added.

What to fill in when asked for ‘account number’?

When you are repaying your loan through the Branch international paybill number, using m-pesa service, you will reach a point where the service asks you to fill in an ‘account number’. This account number refers to your mobile number that was used to register for a Branch account. It should be a Safaricom number since Telkom Kenya and Airtel lines cannot be used to apply for a Branch loan.

How to contact Branch customer care number

Sometimes you need help because you have encountered a problem with the process of how to repay Branch loan via mpesa. This is where you contact the branch customer care and speak to their agents.

The Branch Telephone number that is available to call customer care directly is +254 711995555.

Use the email address [email protected] to contact customer service. An oldy, but a goody. Branch allows you to send an email to customer care where a representative will respond to your query.

The easiest way by far to be able to reach customer care is within the branch loan app. You will do this by using the in-built chat.

In order to access this feature, tap the menu icon on the top left corner of the app. This means that you need to be logged in to the loan app first. Proceed to use the contact customer care button.

Branch also has a very active social media presence. Reach them on either twitter, facebook and Instagram pages to get a response from customer care. And that is how to use Branch paybill number Kenya and the app to make a repayment.

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