How to pay Timiza loan quickly – mpesa paybill and USSD

So now it’s time to pay your Timiza loan after you managed to apply and qualify for one. Just like the loan application process, paying back your loan is simple and straight forward.

Repaying your Timza loan

When you are repaying your Timiza loan, you have a few options; you can either pay Timiza loan through mpesa paybill number 300067, use the app, or dial the *848# USSD service on your mobile phone. Just make sure that you have enough money in your Timiza bank account to complete the full loan repayment. Timiza app by ABSA, formerly Barclays Kenya, offers it’s customers different ways to make timely repayments on borrowed amounts.

Let’s go through each of them below.

How to pay Timiza loan via mpesa

To repay your loan using the Timiza pay bill using mpesa, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Safaricom SIM Tool Kit on your phone
  2. Next, select M-PESA
  3. Choose the Lipa na M-PESA option.
  4. Go to Pay Bill
  5. Select Enter Business no. and enter Enter the ABSA timiza Paybill, which is 300067.
  6. Next, press OK
  7. Now, in the enter account section, enter the Timiza Account number, this is your mobile phone number and press OK
  8. Enter the loan amount and press OK
  9. Now, enter your M-PESA PIN and press OK
  10. Confirm if the details are correct and press OK to complete the transaction.
  11. Once the transaction is successful, you will receive an SMS from M-Pesa and Timiza.

That is the step-by-step process of paying Timiza loan via mpesa. If you have successfully made a repayment on the loan borrowed, you can apply for another Timiza loan.

The video below by ABSA (formerly Barclays Kenya) Timiza takes you through how to repay

How repay Timiza loan using the app

Here is how to pay Timiza from within the app.

  1. Open the Timiza app on your phone.
  2. Type your 4 digit PIN to login.
  3. Select my loans.
  4. Next, select repay loan.
  5. Choose full loan repayment.
  6. Select which account to pay from i.e. mode of payment either Timiza account or MPESA.
  7. If you are paying from Timiza account, Key in transaction PIN and press continue.
  8. Next, you’ll receive a message from Timiza showing ‘Success
  9. If you are paying from mpesa, you’ll receive an mpesa pop up.
  10. Enter your mpesa PIN and Press OK.
  11. Wait for mpesa confirmation message.

So, that’s how to make your loan repayment directly from inside the app. But, as shown, you can also pay timiza loan via mpesa from within the app.

How to download, register and apply for a timiza loan
How to download, register and apply for a loan

Pay back loan using M-pesa within Timiza banking app

The good thing about ABSA timiza app is that it allows you to payback you loan through mpesa directly from within the app. Here is how to go about it step by step.

  1. Open the Timiza banking app and key in your passcode.
  2. Select ‘go to my loans
  3. Select the ‘Repay Loan’ option
  4. You will reach the ‘Pay my loan’ screen
  5. Select if you want to make a ‘Full‘ or ‘Partial‘ payment.
  6. Select the mode of payment ‘Timiza Account’ or ‘MPESA‘
  7. Here we select ‘Mpesa‘ and press ‘continue‘ mpesa timiza paybill number kenya is already selected for you. The Timiza paybill number is 300067.
  8. Here the mpesa option will open up asking you to input your mpesa pin. ‘Do you want to pay [*] to Barclays Timiza account no []. Enter Mpesa PIN
  9. Enter your m-pesa pin and press ok.
  10. You will get a confirmation message from m-pesa that payment has been made.
  11. Your loan is fully paid and you can proceed to request another Barclays Timiza loans.
  12. Check out the Timiza banking app review by team saidia.

How to repay Timiza loan using the *848# USSD mobile service

To repay your loan using Timiza ussd *848#, follow these steps.

  1. Dial *848# on your phone and press the call button.
  2. Enter your 4 digit PIN and press send.
  3. Select option 3: Loan
  4. Next, select option 2: Pay Loan
  5. Now select option 1: Timiza loan Bal Kes. .
  6. Select option 1: Full Amount to make a full loan repayment.
  7. Select which account to pay from either M-PESA or Barclays Timiza Account.
  8. If you are using Timiza select option: 2 barclays Timiza account
  9. Next, select option 1: Accept
  10. Enter your Timiza PIN and press send.
  11. If you are paying from m-pesa, you will receive a pop up from mpesa.
  12. Proceed to enter your mpesa PIN and Press OK.

This video by ABSA Bank ( formerly Barclays Kenya) gives a detailed step by step on how to make your Timiza loan payment.

How to pay timiza loan using another number

To repay your loan from another Safaricom number, the process is similar to how to pay timiza loan through mpesa. The only difference will be that you will complete the steps on another number. Click here to see how to pay timiza loan from mpesa.

If you do not have enough money in your Timiza, then you can top up your account using their paybill number 300067. Below find a step by step guide on how to top up your Timiza account using Safaricom’s mpesa service.

Deposit money into your Timiza account using mpesa paybill 300067

Follow these steps to learn how to deposit money to Timiza account.

  1. Open mpesa on your phone.
  2. Select Lipa na mpesa.
  3. Now select paybill option.
  4. Enter the Timiza paybill no 300067
  5. Next enter your account number. This is normally your phone number 07** ****** .
  6. Now enter the amount you want to transfer to your Timiza account and press OK.
  7. Enter your mpesa PIN and press OK.
  8. Wait for a confirmation message from mpesa.

Timiza paybill number

Paybill is a service offered by safaricom that allows users to pay a business directly for a good or service using mpesa. The Timiza paybill number 300067 enables users to make deposits directly to their Timiza ABSA digital wallet accounts.

Types of loan repayment on Timiza loan app

Sometimes when you are making a loan payment for an amount you borrowed, you either have the full amount or part of the amount. Barclays bank (now ABSA) when rolling out the Timiza loan app realized this can happen and offered two options when you are making a repayment; Full or partial.

Note, that these options are available both to the ABSA Timiza app users and also to the *848# USSD service users.

Partial loan repayment

As the word indicates, partial loan repayment allows you to pay part of the loan that was dispersed to you by Timiza. This means you can pay slowly as and when the money becomes available. A true haba nah aba hujaza kibaba moment.

Full loan repayment

On the other hand, if you have the full loan amount with you, you can pay it off at once. This is the full loan payment option offered by Barclays Timiza.

Timiza loan repayment period

So, after how long are you required to repay your Timiza loan? The loan repayment period is 30 days from when you qualify and receive the money.

Late loan payment

What happens when you fail to pay your Timiza loan, or make a late loan payment? Well, Timiza will give you a short grace period, typically 30 days. After that, you will be charged a 5% outstanding amount on the loan due to delayed loan repayment.

Most customers will ask, can ABSA Timiza loan list you on CRB? And the answer is yes. If you default on repaying your borrowed loan, your details will be forwarded to CRB Kenya because of your non-performing loan. So it is advised that you pay timiza loan on time after borrowing.

Loan repayment options for Timiza

Timiza is one of the few Kenyan loan apps that allow you to make payments in more ways than one. You can use the typical method i.e. pay using mpesa service by safaricom or you can pay the loan directly using deposits in your Timiza account.

Timiza Transaction PIN – ABSA Timiza Loan app fact

Timiza Transaction PIN refers to the PIN number you use to log in to your Timiza digital wallet account.

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