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Telkom Kenya customer care contacts: Telephone number, SMS, Email, website

Do you need to contact Telkom Kenya customer care? Here we show you all the ways in which you can contact Telkom Kenya so you can get assistance with your mobile line from their support.


Telkom Customer Care Contacts

Telkom Mobile: Dial 100

Other Networks: Dial 020 222 1000

Also, below find additional ways in which you can get in touch with Telkom support in Kenya through email, social media and other telephone numbers.


Telkom Kenya Customer care contacts : Telephone number, SMS, Email, Chat and Self Service

You can contact Telkom Kenya in several ways. These include; directly from your Telkom mobile line by dialling 100, from a different network by dialling 020 222 1000, through their email address, using their PO BOX, through social media and also directly on their website.

Telkom Kenya Customer care Telephone number – Telkom Mobile and from other networks

To contact Telkom Kenya through their telephone numbers, you can do so through two ways:

  • Directly from your Telkom Kenya mobile line.
  • From another network.

To contact them through Telkom mobile, dial 100 from your mobile phone. If you need to contact them from another network, dial 020 222 1000.

Telkom Kenya Telephone contacts:

Mobile: 100

Other Networks: 020 222 1000

Front Office Desk: 020 4952000


Email address

You can also contact Telkom Kenya through their email address. For customer care email, use the following email address ‘[email protected]

In case you need assistance with corporate products from Telkom Kenya, then use the following email address ‘[email protected]

If you need the Telkom Kenya email address for general inquiries, then use the following email address ‘[email protected]

For those who need to contact Telkom Kenya human resources via email, then use the following email address ‘[email protected]

Telkom Kenya Email address

Customer Care: [email protected]

Corporate Customer Care: [email protected]

General Inquiries: [email protected]

HR Enquiries: [email protected]


Telkom mobile users in Kenya can also contact customer care through the Telkom Kenya website via their contact form.

Follow this link to contact Telkom customer care from their website.

Social media: Facebook and Twitter

Need a quick response when you contact Telkom Kenya? Then you can reach their customer care representatives through their social media channels. To contact Telkom on Twitter you can use their handle @TelkomKenya_Care . To reach them on Facebook, you can go to their Facebook page ‘TelkomKenya‘.

Telkom Kenya Social Media




Post Office: PO BOX Number

If you need to send a letter or a formal document through the post office to Telkom Kenya customer care then you can use their BOX office number.

Telkom Kenya PO BOX Number

PO Box 30301-00100, Nairobi.

Corporate Customer Care

To contact Telkom Kenya customer care for corporate products, these are the available options.

Telkom Mobile: 200

Telkom fixed Line: 0800 200 000

Other Networks: 020 4600 200

Email: [email protected]

Note: Customer care contacts for Telkom corporate products can be through Telkom Mobile, fixed line, other networks or email.


Reasons to contact Telkom Kenya Customer care

  • SIM card issues: If you are having challenges with your Telkom Kenya SIM card, getting in touch with customer care can help you sort out the problem.
  • Phone call Issues: When your Telkom line has a problem making phone calls, you can contact customer care to help sort the issue.
  • Data and internet problems: Telkom Kenya offers many data and internet solutions and products. Having a challenge with internet and data bundles on their network, then call customer care to help you out.
  • SMS problems: Telkom Kenya offers SMS services to their customers, if you’re having a problem with SMS on their network, then contacting Telkom customer service will help you out.


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