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How to contact iPesa customer care: Telephone number, sms and email

Having problems with the iPesa app, then you need to contact iPesa customer care. They have made it easy to get support through their email address, phone number, Facebook page, and landline telephone number.

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Contact ipesa customer care

There are many reasons why a user of the iPesa loan app may need to contact a customer service representative. The most common issues that users have when it comes to ipesa range from, the amount paid back failing to reflect on the app, to users forgetting their ipesa PIN number.

Not only that, there are cases where you find that after applying for a loan, you end up not qualifying for one. This will obviously lead you to ask questions. And that is why you need to quickly contact iPesa.

If you need to reach iPesa customer care to get assistance with the app, then you can do so using the following ways.

Contact iPesa customer care

Here is how to contact iPesa:

iPesa email address

The most formal way to contact any business is through their email address. This is because, through email, there is a log of information about the communication between you and the company.

To contact iPesa using their email address, use the one below:

iPesa website and FAQ resources

In case you need to quickly refer to a problem you are facing with the ipesa app, then you can use the iPesa website FAQ page. Here, the developers of ipesa, XGO credit limited, have created a list of all the common issues users face when using iPesa. You can access the iPesa FAQ by following the link below.

  • http://ipesa.cc/en/faq.html

Ipesa telephone number and mobile number

Sometimes you need a quick talk with a customer service representative so that you can sort out your issue on the iPesa app. Not to worry. Ipesa has dedicated telephone and landline numbers to enable you to call and talk to customer care. Use the following numbers to talk to ipesa customer care.

  • Ipesa mobile number: 0757 222 979
  • iPesa landline number: +05488888888

Social media: iPesa on Facebook

Social media has become a very useful tool for both individuals and companies alike. This is because they allow you to easily communicate with people with little effort.

Companies have caught up to this and are using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to serve customers better. Ipesa loan lending app has not been left behind as it offers users a way to reach them using their Facebook page. To reach ipesa on facebook, you can use the link below.

Ipesa Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/iPesaKenya/

iPesa offices and physical location

If you need to visit iPesa at their physical location, you can do so at the below physical address


Qualifying for an ipesa loan

When applying for your first iPesa loan, there are a lot of factors the app uses in order to create a credit score for you as a new user and see if you will qualify for a loan.

qualifying for an ipesa loan
qualifying for an ipesa loan

What does iPesa use to know if I qualify for a loan?

The loan app uses data on your phone to make a decision whether or not to lend you money. This data includes:

SMS messages on your phone: iPesa uses your financial transaction SMS in order to assess your eligibility for an instant m-pesa loan from the app.

Contacts on your phone: With iPesa, they collect information from your contact list so as to be able to auto detect information. This information is used to check references which enables them to assess your risk and credit score.

Location on phone: The iPesa app collects and monitors information regarding your device location. This assists the app in risk assessment and scoring.

Mobile Phone: There is also more information that iPesa collects about your phone, this includes; name, model, region and language settings, device identification code, device hardware and software information, status, usage habits, unique device identifiers like IMEI and serial number. The reason why iPesa requires this information is to tie it to your identification, this limits unauthorized devices from committing fraud. 

The thought many have is that this information is a bit too much! Some will agree, and others will disagree. However, look at it this way; providing this information to iPesa allows them to serve you with mobile loans conveniently to your phone. 

If you ask me, it beats queuing in a bank line or hustling your friends and relatives for money, when you need to sort out an emergency. It is the little price you have to pay.

Not only that, iPesa guarantees the safety of all user data preventing it from being accessed by unauthorised persons.

Why can’t I qualify for an iPesa loan?

Sometimes, users apply for a loan on iPesa but do not qualify for one. Below find the possible reasons for this.

  • You have been listed on CRB as a defaulter.
  • Also, not having a financial record i.e. Mpesa records or bank records.
  • Delaying in paying back loans or utility bills.


How to Increase your chances of qualifying for an mpesa loan

Follow these simple tips to increase your chances of qualifying for an ipesa loan.

Make payments using m-pesa

As you have seen in how iPesa qualifies you for a loan, one of the methods the app uses to qualify you is by checking your SMS messages. Especially messages that have to do with transactions mostly from m-pesa. 

To increase your chances of qualifying for a loan from the iPesa app, make sure you transact often using m-pesa. Also, do not delete the messages from your phone, that way iPesa can have a good financial history to assess your eligibility for a loan. 

Avoid having overdue loans from other apps

Although this is not a major factor, it can affect your qualifying for a loan. Since iPesa checks your messages, having messages that indicate you are not repaying loans from other lenders on time will decrease your chances of qualifying for a loan.

So, to increase your chances of qualifying, make sure you are on good lending terms with other lenders like Tala, branch, mshwari and timiza. 

Have your data (wi-fi) and location on

These are some of the permissions iPesa app needs to access in order to assess your eligibility for a loan. Having this on allows the app to quickly check if you qualify for a loan and do a fast disbursal of your money.  

Tips on how to increase your iPesa limit

If you are having a challenge increasing your ipesa limit, then follow these few tips to grow your borrowing amount.

  • Repay iPesa loans on time.
  • Borrow often on the app.
  • Pay bills using m-pesa.

Forgot iPesa PIN number? Here is how to recover it

Have you forgotten your ipesa 4 digit PIN number? Then quickly and easily reset it by following these steps.

  1. Open the iPesa loan app
  2. Enter your mobile number 07xxxxxx
  3. Press the Forget password option.
  4. Wait for iPesa to send you a verification code.
  5. Enter the 4-digit verification code
  6. Next set a new password under please set your password
  7. Confirm the password
  8. Press enter or ‘change password’
  9. Your iPesa password will be changed.
  10. Log in to the iPesa app and apply for a loan.

By following those simple steps, you will be able to reset your iPesa PIN and access your loan app account to apply for an instant m-pesa loan.


In summary, there are various ways you can contact iPesa when you need assistance from their customer care. Try writing them an email, visiting their website FAQ section, calling them on their mobile and landline telephone numbers or you can visit the ipesa offices.

We hope this information was helpful.

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  1. stop sending unnecessary daily increments on my loan bal my balance is 1250 sh only.0725252278 reply via text

  2. I have a loan of 2300 ksh. when i applied the loan. the app said i pay on 7th/7/2021
    three days before that very irritating messages and calls started coming in. I answered and asked the lady what day it was and why all calls and up to 6 messages…she answered “its a reminder.” I told her am aware of what i took and it mentioned 7th is the pay day. she said no pay day is on 5th. which was actually two days from the date of this conversation. I understand that if someone delays to pay on time there is a penalty fee right? This girl called my dad today and insulted him on phone. Do you know my dad is diagnosed with cancer and was in hospital when this girl called him! So my question is where is your office located because i want to come to your office and meet this lady. My loan is only one day late and i expected maybe a penalty but insulting my dad! You have crossed the line. I WILL FIND OUT WHERE YOUR OFFICE IS. I WANT TO MEET THIS LADY WITH THE BALLS TO INSULT MY DAD LIKE THAT.

  3. Good morning. Im wondering how the company trains the employers. does it mean harassing a customer is the way to ensure he/ she pays the loan. shame on her.(0702764***) She is the one making other customers to run away with loan and also making so many question if the company is registered with the CBK. Atawangushia Company take her back to school
    kindly talk to this lady 0702764*** to stop that bad character and teach her how to be professional.
    My phone has a problem and cant access the app. through your office send me the pay bill and the bal.

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