how to pay KCB mpesa loan

How to repay KCB mpesa loan

After applying and qualifying for cash, you have 30 days to repay the KCB mpesa loan. When you receive your loan, make sure to make repayments on time. The reason for this is that by repaying your loan before the 30 day period is over, you increase your loan limit with KCB mpesa. In addition to that, you avoid being listed on CRB for late loan payment. Here we give you a step by step guide including the KCB mpesa paybill.

Here, we highlight in detail how to pay KCB mpesa loan via paybill, from another number, and also directly from KCB Mpesa for the money loan you had borrowed.

You can repay your KCB mpesa loan in two main ways. The first way is by paying back the loan directly from your KCB mpesa account. The second method of making a loan repayment is through mpesa paybill number.

Let’s start with how to repay your KCB mpesa loan from the account. Follow these steps.

how to pay KCB mpesa loan

How to Pay KCB mpesa loan from KCB mpesa account

Follow these steps for how to repay KCB mpesa loan. To repay your loan directly from KCB mpesa account start by

  1. Open the mpesa menu
  2. Select loans and savings
  3. Choose KCB mpesa.
  4. Select pay loan.
  5. Confirm amount and press okay.

Pay KCB mpesa loan using paybill number

To repay your KCB mpesa loan using paybill no 522559 follow the steps below.

  1. open mpesa on your phone.
  2. Select Lipa na mpesa on your mpesa menu.
  3. Choose Paybill option
  4. Enter business number 522559
  5. Account number enter your phone number 07** *** ***
  6. Input amount to pay
  7. Key in your mpesa PIN and press OK

Mpesa will send you a message confirming that the transaction is complete. However, making payment for your loan through the mpesa paybill number may take longer for amount to be credited. The process may take up to 48 hours for loan repayment to be updated.


To summarise, KCB mpesa has made the loan repayment process very simple and straight forward for customers who borrow money on their service. Either, make your loan repayment directly from your account or use the safaricom mpesa paybill number.

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  1. I need the payment using paybill to be updated before one hour, because some time the phone number I used is different And I may want to know if payment was successful

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