How to apply for a Zenka loan without a smartphone – No app – get SMS USSD loan

Are you looking to apply for a Zenka loan without a smartphone? Then you have come to the right place. Here I will guide you on how to apply for a loan using Zenka USSD code *841#, which some users refer to as getting a loan through SMS. This method doesn’t require you to have the app, so you can get a Zenka loan without downloading the App.

How to get Zenka loan without a smartphone- SMS loan USSD *841#

To apply for a loan without using the app, follow the steps below, all you need is the Zenka code.

  1. Dial *841# on your phone.
  2. Next, enter your user PIN.
  3. Select ‘Apply for full limit‘ or the amount you need.
  4. Next, you will be shown how much you qualify for.
  5. Select the loan amount you need.
  6. Choose the loan repayment period.
  7. Press confirm to have the money sent to your phone through mpesa.

That is how to get Zenka loan without app. Your loan will be sent directly to your phone through your m-pesa account.

That is how to apply for *841# loans online if you do not have a smartphone or internet on your device. Some users refer to this method of borrowing a loan from Zenka as ‘ getting a loan through SMS ‘ because of using the Zenka loan USSD code.

Remember, the Zenka USSD code to use is *841# which can be accessed from any type of phone that is registered on the Safaricom network.

Note: Before you apply for the loan, you will need to register for an account on Zenka.

Zenka loan login without app

For you to login in to Zenka without using the app, then you will need to follow these steps; Dial *841# on your phone. Next, enter your Zenka PIN and press SEND. That way, you will have successfully logged in to your account. That is how you use Zenka USSD code Kenya to access your account to borrow, repay or check the limit of your loan.

Why borrow from Zenka without using the app?

Why would someone prefer not to use the Zenka loan app to borrow an mpesa cash loan on their phone? The reason for this could be because according to recent numbers by the Communication Authority of Kenya, nearly half of Kenyans do not use smartphones. Instead, they use feature phones, popularly known as ‘Kabambe’ phones.

Zenka Loan app Download

Do you need to download the Zenka loan app instead? Then at saidia we have the complete guide on how you can quickly get the app downloaded. Click here to get a guide on how to get the Zenka app download step by step.

Zenka Registration

Before you apply for a loan on the Zenka app, you will need to register an account. Click here to see the full guide on how to register for a Zenka account. Registering an account includes entering your details such as; your mobile number, name, national ID, and more details that are covered in the guide above.

Zenka Loan Limit

This refers to the minimum or maximum amount you can borrow from Zenka. The loan limit starts from Ksh 500 for the least amount you can borrow and a maximum of Ksh. 100, 000. To learn more about Zenka and its loan limits, click here.

Zenka loan mobile number

if you need to contact customer care for assistance, Zenka offers a few ways in which to do so. Most people find it easier to just call Zenka’s Mobile number: +254207650878 to get quick support from the call center and have their issue resolved.

Note: If you need a quick way to download Zenka app and borrow a loan, use the following link: .


How do I borrow from Zenka without app?

To get Zenka loan without using the app, you will need to use the USSD service *841#. Dial the code on your phone dialer and follow the instructions and prompts that show up. Make sure you have enough credit on your Safaricom line.

How can I get zenka loan through SMS?

When applying for a Zenka loan through SMS, this is done using the Zenka USSD code *841#. This method works for loan borrowers who don’t have access to the loan app.


Applying for an emergency cash loan in Kenya has become very important, and its better and easier when you get a Zenka loan without a smartphone. That is why Zenka has provided non-smartphone and kabambe users with a way to apply for and borrow loans. This shows that the company works towards making sure that all Kenyans are financially included when it comes to getting financial assistance. Zenka Finance has done this by providing a USSD code *841# that can be accessed from all types of phones.

Have you borrowed a Zenka loan without using the app? Tell us about your experience below.

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