Timiza customer care phone no email

Timiza contacts: How to contact Timiza customer care Telephone no – sms

Sometimes you maybe using the absa timiza app and need to contact timiza customer care. This is because you may have forgotten your login PIN. Or the banking app isn’t responding the way you want it to. It could also be that you need to ask the Timiza support team a question. This are some of the reasons you need Timiza contacts.

Timiza customer care phone no email
Timiza customer care the phone no and email address

As a result of these problems, you may not have the best experience when using the app, but not to worry as the Timiza team is there to help.

Below find different ways to get in touch with the support team of the Timiza app through their telephone numbers both mobile and landline, email address and social media

How to contact Timiza customer care to get quick assistant

There are a number of ways  in which you can get Timiza contacts in kenya. What this does is make it flexible for you as a customer and user to reach them. Here are a few of them:

Timiza customer care contacts



timiza telephone numbers

Timiza Tel numbers to contact customer care

Below find Timiza contacts numbers. This is by far the quickest way to reach them. All you need to do is dial the following Timiza customer phone number:


  • 0722 130120


  • 0732 130120


  • 020 3900000



social media handles for timiza facebook and twitter

Contact through social media Facebook and Twitter

One thing the Timiza team has done is to provide options when it comes to reaching Barclays Timiza customer care. Here are social media channels you can contact them on:


timiza email address

Timiza loan email  address

Another option you can use as a timiza loan contacts is by using their email address [email protected]

Having great customer care is something that every customer appreciates. In particular because service shows the user you care. Clearly timiza have really put an effort into this.


How do I contact Timiza customer care?

You can contact Timiza customer care through their mobile phone number, email, social media and also directly from the app.

How do I apply for a Timiza loan?

You can apply for a Timiza loan by either dialing *848# or by downloading the Timiza loan app from the google play store. Once you have done that, follow these steps to get a detail guide on how to register, create an account and apply for a loan on Timiza.

How do I reset my Timiza PIN?

There are two ways to reset your PIN, inside the app ore dialing USSD no *848#. To reset your Timiza PIN using the app, press on the Forgot Pin option. You will be asked to answer your secret question that you had set up on when you registered. To reset your Timiza PIN using USSD, dial *848# and select option 1, forgot pin. Next, answer the security question you had given during registration. Timiza will then send you a temporary pin via sms.

How long does it take to get Timiza loan after you apply and qualify?

It takes under 5 minutes for money to be sent to your Timiza account after you apply for the loan. once you recieve the money, you can then withdraw it to your m-pesa account.

How do I apply for a Timiza loan without the app?

To apply for a Timiza loan without using the app, dial *848# on your phone. Enter your Timiza PIN to log in then select option 3, loan. But before you apply for a loan on Timiza, make sure you have registerd on the app.



There are many options offered for Barclay timiza contacts (now absa) by the loan app developer. Due to this, you can reach them by using their telephone number, email address, social media and directly from the app itself. 

What common issues do you face when using the Timiza app? Leave a comment below and we shall be sure to show you the best way to solve it.

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6 thoughts on “Timiza contacts: How to contact Timiza customer care Telephone no – sms”

    1. Hi salim, thanks for reaching out to Saidia. To get your batch number from Timiza, follow these steps.
      Follow these steps;

      -Check your CRB status through creditInfo, Metropol, or Transunion.
      -Take note of the loan institutions that have listed you i.e. timiza or any other
      -Make full payment of the amount that you owe to the loan lending company in this case Timiza.
      -Wait for 3 working days for Timiza by ABSA to process payment and send the updated list to CRB.
      -Contact Timiza concerning the listing you on CRB because of defaulting and inquire about the status.
      -Finally, check your CRB status to confirm if you have been removed from the blacklist.

      For more details, see this link get cleared from CRB after paying back Timiza loan.

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