How to install Tala Mobile Loan App

Tala Mobile loan APP Review [updated 2024]

How to install Tala Mobile Loan App

Tala loan app is still one of the most reliable money lending apps in Kenya even in 2021. Offering instant loans directly to your mpesa account. Tala loan app allows you to borrow money from a minimum of KSH 500 up to a maximum of KSH 30,000 with good interest rates of 13-33%.

Tala loan app review

Tala is a mobile loan app that is developed and run by tala mobile, formerly Inventure. This mobile loan app has over five million downloads on the app store and a 4.5 average rating by users as of January 2021.

This is the highest rating-to-download ratio on Google Play Store when it comes to mobile loan apps. It also comes at a very small and manageable download size of 8.4 MBS allowing for fast download without consuming a lot of data. This is also advantageous because it will not use up a lot of space on your mobile phone.

With Tala Kenya Loan app, updates are carried out often, and currently, it is on version 7.84.0. This is good because it means that by having the latest version of the app on your phone, it is more secure and bugs have been patched. Please note you will require android version 4.1 + for the Tala app to operate optimally, so make sure the version of android on your phone is equal to or higher to that.

You can reach Tala Mobile using the in-app chat or through their email address, also check out other methods to reach them. Also, contact tala by checking out Tala contacts here. The Tala app is available on the Android Play Store and can be downloaded using this link.

Want to learn more about Tala, check out their website which highlights more benefits. Also, check them out on Twitter and Facebook. Tala allows two types of loan repayment, 21 days and 30 days.

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  1. Hi, recently I took a loan from you and now I’m unable to pay back due to some reasons. I promise as soon as things are OK I will pay back

  2. I am vry interesting with the tala loan for supporting my business then i repay before the deadline for duration of 30days and still i do in needed for emergency loan. n’t get my money and i am seriously

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