How to install Tala Mobile Loan App

How to repay your Tala loan | Tala Mpesa paybill number

To repay your tala loan outstanding amount that you borrowed, you only need to follow a few steps highlighted below. The payment is easily paid through Safaricom’s mpesa service using the Tala paybill number. Paying back the tala loan can also be done from another mobile phone number, and the steps are shown in this article. Get also to know the tala repayment period and what happens when you delay to repay your loan.  

How to install Tala Mobile Loan App
Tala Mobile App How to repay your Tala Loan

This is a step-by-step guide to how to repay your Tala loan, which you applied for and qualified for using the Android app. It is a straightforward process that you can complete through M-Pesa using the M-Pesa paybill function offered by Safaricom.

How to repay your Tala loan inside tala app

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open The Tala Loan app.
  2. Now, enter your PIN
  3. Confirm the amount of money you will need to make a payment for.
  4. Press ‘make a payment’.
  5. Press ‘Open M-PESA MENU
  6. Select ‘MPESA
  7. Then Select ‘Lipa na mpesa
  8. Select pay Bill
  9. Type paybill number ‘851900
  10. Select ‘account number‘ and type your mobile phone number which is your account
  11. Input amount due and press OK
  12. Enter mpesa PIN and press OK.
  13. Confirm the details Pay Bill, Account no. and amount and press OK
  14. Press send to finalize the transaction.

Repay your Tala loan step by step video guide:

Tala Paybill number

The tala paybill number (business number) is 851900 and you will use this to make loan repayments through mpesa for your tala account. 

Tala paybill number business number
The Tala paybill number | business number

How to repay your Tala loan | Tala Mpesa paybill number

  1. Go to your ‘ M-pesa ‘ menu
  2. Select ‘ Lipa na M-pesa ‘ option.
  3. Select ‘Paybill’
  4. Proceed to Enter ‘ Business number no. ‘ 851900
  5. Next, Enter Account no. 07XX XXX XXX [Enter The Mobile number you registered on Tala App]
  6. Enter amount KSH XXXX [type the loan amount to pay]
  7. Key in  M-pesa PIN and Press OK
  8. Confirm that you are sending your money to Tala Mobile.

Tala has also provided additional ways in which their loan borrowers can repay money borrowed through the app.

Need to make a payment for a tala loan for someone else? Maybe it’s your spouse, your child, or a friend. Tala allows you to repay a loan for someone else using another number.

Repay tala loan from another phone
This is how you repay your tala loan from a different mobile phone number

How to repay your tala loan from another number

Follow the steps below:

  1. On the other phone, select the Safaricom SIM Tool Kit.
  2. Now, proceed to open the M-PESA menu
  3. Select ‘ Lipa na M-Pesa ’ option
  4. Choose ‘Paybill’ and press OK
  5. At this point enter Business number 851900.
  6. Enter Tala Account number which is the Safaricom mobile number that is registered on Tala.
  7. Proceed to Enter amount this should be equivalent to the loan you are repaying.
  8. Now Key in m-pesa PIN and press ‘OK’
  9. Confirm that you are sending your money to Tala Mobile.

Note: When making a loan repayment from another number, the process is the same as repaying the Tala loan from your phone. But there is just one small additional step.

That step when you come to adding the account number, make sure you select one that belongs to the account you are paying for i.e. the mpesa enabled phone number that was registered with Tala.

After this await confirmation SMS from Safaricom M-Pesa about the payment. Without a doubt, we are done making repayment of our loan borrowed from Tala app. You will also receive a message from Tala SMS 21991 saying they have received your payment.

How long to repay your Tala loan
This is how long it takes to repay your Tala loan.

Paid your tala loan but the amount has not been updated

Have you paid your tala loan and the amount is not reflecting? The amount has not been updated. Still, getting a notification from tala to pay your loan? Here is what you do.
If your amount is not reflected in your tala account or has not been updated on your tala account these steps to sort it out.

  • Copy the mpesa confirmation message showing repayment made of tala loan.
  • Open the tala app and navigate to the tala in-app chat.
  • Paste this message here and send it to tala customer care.

Please note that the mpesa message you send to tala should capture the following things:

  • Transaction code
  • The amount you paid.
  • The date and time of the transaction.
  • Account number the payment was made to.

This way, tala customer support, and technicians can trace the payment you made and add it to your tala account.


How long do you have to repay a Tala Loan?

With Tala, if you applied for the 21-day loan, then you can repay the loan within 21 days. There is also the 30-day loan option. For this type of loan, you need to make loan repayment before 30 days are over.

Here is the thing, this app gives you options when it comes to repaying your Tala loan. Meaning that when you are applying for your loan, you can select two options to repay the money borrowed.

What do you do if you can’t repay your Tala loan on time?

In case you are not able to repay your tala loan on time, some consequences come with it. If you pass the deadline of repayment date by 7 days, Tala charges an 8% fee on your remaining amount. Once the penalty fee is added, however, Tala adds an extra 14 days to repay your loan.

Let’s be honest:

Sometimes financial responsibilities can overwhelm us. This happens especially having to meet everyday expenses like house rent, school fees, and utility payments. This may lead us to not be in a position to repay your loan. However, Tala is very understanding and only charges a small percentage for loan defaults.

To negotiate further terms with Tala terms in case of difficulty repaying your borrowed money, you can easily contact them and find a way forward.

What happens when you pay the loan late?

If you miss making your tala loan payment, it may result in you being fined a fee. Not only that, it will affect your loan limit in that you will be getting lower loan limits when applying for an instant loan. Also, having this trend of late payments may lead you to not get a loan in the long run, not only from Tala but other lenders like Branch, Timiza, and Berry.

Non-payment of Tala loan and being listed on CRB

This will lead to you being contacted by collection agents to whom your loan has been handed over to. These collection agents are like GILCHERYLTD who will send messages to your registered line. They will also have their agents call you to find out why you haven’t made payment and when you will be making plans to repay the tala loan app.

Not only that, long periods of non-payment of the loan facility will make you be listed with the credit reference bureaus (CRB). The consequences of this are very serious, one of them being you will not be able to apply for loans from other institutions like banks or microfinance lenders, etc.

I can’t insist enough:

Not repaying your Tala loan has serious consequences.

NOTE: For a smooth tala payment process, make sure you confirm the amount you are going to pay to tala. You can do this by checking the tala loan app which will indicate the loan balance you owe.

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  1. I love Tala tala is the best plz guys join today and injoy goodness of tala

  2. I just want to pay my credit…but my apps is accidentally uninstall of my 2 yr old daughter.. I have message in ur support but no reply… 09356960737

  3. I want to pay to you the loan you gave me. How much do I pay you plus interest?

    1. Emanuel, the tala app has a display area that shows how much you need to pay. Open tala app, log in, check home screen to see how much you need to pay. Hope this is helpful.

  4. Good day
    Ive been reaching out since last week of november and start messaging but i failed to received tala loan was expired last december 4….i want to repay it but my mobile number registered on my tala account aplication was lost so everytime i want to make payment i dont receives a verification or transaction i need to comply to pay my loan….please help my concern…thank u very much and more power

  5. I need to pay my loan which will due three days from now. My problem is I change my mobile number , so how can they send me where to pay it and the confirmation number. Help me please.

  6. Please give a number of tala account im my late paymets no to pay because my phone is lose but now i repayment but i no have contact us. Please give a number for my payments tnx

  7. I just want to ask if how I gonna pay my loan if I don’t have d reference no. Coz cebuana lhuilher asking for it… I lost my phone I cant receive and access on my tala apps.. Please send me d reference no. Or acct no. Coz I nid to pay so my interest will not increase… Please reply asap…

  8. Hi friend mary jane has a problem regarding on how to pay her tala loan. The number she used to register was lost . Please help her on how to pay her tala without the #

  9. I did a little mistake by paying my Talk loan of 2300 using a different number from the one l registered with and therefore I didn’t get a payment confirmation. Kindly help to refund the money so I can pay with the right mobile phone number
    because l need another loan to get my wife and one day old son out of hospital.Thank you.
    From :
    Alex Mang’are

  10. Your Message.I paid 4000shs for the last loan,but in vain you didn’t deduct it from the loan.How do I recover the money?

    1. Sema David, when you are using the Tala app, there are two ways of repaying your mpesa loan:
      – Inside the tala application by clicking the ‘pay loan now’
      – Or by using the tala mpesa paybill 851900
      Once you have paid to the correct number, it will reflect in your Tala account within a few minutes.

  11. I want to repay my long overdue tala loan of19872 and it was nmot intentional i had a very serious issue and was listed on crb kindly after repaying kindly clear me from crb i was robbed and somene accessed my phone to apply for loan .

  12. I insist on knowing the details of the loan that is registered in my name. this is the first time am hearing of this APP of yours and ave never taken any loan from you.

  13. Can i get an answer to my concerns? when was the loan taken, by whom, which number or ID number? why have i never received any call or, email or text about the same? Why am i blacklisted on CRB???

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