crb contacts metropol creditinfo transunion

CRB Kenya Contacts Number: Customer care Metropol, Transunion & Creditinfo

Need to contact CRB to speak to a customer service representative? Or you need CRB contacts to get clarification about your credit info. Here we put together the email addresses, telephone numbers, SMS, and mobile numbers for all CRB providers in Kenya that is Metropol, Transunion and Creditinfo.

crb contacts metropol creditinfo transunion

The contact details of Metropol, Transunion, and Creditinfo have been listed below. This includes mobile numbers, telephone numbers, SMS contact, website address, Facebook, Twitter, and P.O. Box. This will allow you to reach a customer representative quickly and easily.

transunion crb contacts

Transunion CRB contacts

Here are the contact details for Transunion Kenya CRB

metropol crb contacts

Metropol CRB contacts

Here are the contact details for metropol CRB to reach customer service and get assistance. this includes metropol whatsapp number.

  • Telephone number: 020 2689881
  • Mobile number: 0709 834000 | 0732200435
  • Metropol Whatsapp number: 0731433433
  • USSD Dial: *433#
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • P.O. Box: 35331-00200 Nairobi
  • Location: Barclays Plaza 9th floor GPO area.
creditinfo crb contacts

Creditinfo CRB contacts

Need to contact Creditinfo, here is how to do so


The services offered by the three major credit reference bureaus (CRB) in Kenya range from credit reports, clearance certificates and consumer credit information through your status.

Sometimes you may need more information about these services, that is where contacting the CRB companies in Kenya comes in. That way, you get in contact with a customer care representative to help you with any CRB issues.

In addition to this, you may have a dispute with the CRB and need to call them or send an email to them to rectify the issue. These are the contact details you will need.

CRB Kenya

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