get crb clearance certificate

How to get your CRB clearance certificate

A CRB clearance certificate is a document that is given by credit reference bureaus to show that you have not been blacklisted. This means that you have honored all your loan obligations to lenders and are consistently paying your debts without missing out.

get crb clearance certificate

Nowadays, if you need to apply for a job, apply for a loan, or even qualify for a tender, you need to provide a clearance certificate from CRB.

To get this certificate, you must not be blacklisted on any CRB i.e. negatively listed on CRB.

Who requests for a clearance certificate?

Below is a list of scenarios that will ask you for a clearance certificate.

  • Financial Institution: Saccos, banks, and mobile lenders ask for it.
  • Job Application: When you are applying for a county or government job. Also, companies in the private sector ask for it.
  • Tender Process: When applying for a tender, they will request for a clearance certificate.
  • Running for public office

So how do you get a clearance certificate in Kenya? You must apply for it through one of the licensed CRB’s i.e. Metropol, TransUnion, or creditInfo. Below find the steps on how to get your CRB clearance certificate.

clearance certificate

Get clearance certificate from Metropol CRB

Follow the steps below to get a clearance certificate from Metropol CRB:

  1. Dial *433# on your phone (Make sure it’s a Safaricom line)
  2. Enter your National ID Number
  3. Next, you’ll be asked to Enter an agent number. Press zero (0) to continue.
  4. Confirm your details
  5. Make Payment of Ksh 100 as registration fees. (Use M-Pesa Paybill number 220388 for account number use your National ID number)
  6. You will receive an SMS from Metropol with Crytobol PIN
  7. Go to the Metropol website
  8. Enter your PIN
  9. Choose ‘Clearance Certificate’
  10. You will need to Pay Ksh 2,200 for the certificate through the Paybill number 220388
  11. Once this is successful, you proceed to download your certificate.

TOnce you go through these steps, you can proceed to get your CRB clearance certificate download.

get clearance certificate transUnion - CRB certificate sample

Get CRB clearance certificate from Transunion Africa

To get your clearance certificate from Transunion, follow the steps below

  1. Send an SMS to 21272 with your Full Name as it appears on your ID. (SMS is charged at Ksh 19 each)
  2. Next, you will receive an SMS from Transunion asking you to register.
  3. Register on Transunion CRB by paying Ksh 50 to paybill No: 212121.
  4. Use your ID No as the acc No. [Follow these steps to register on Transunion nipashe service]
  5. Once you complete the registration process, you receive a message from Transunion for successful registration.
  6. Make a payment of ksh 2,220 to mpesa paybill number 212121
  7. Email the mpesa transaction details to [email protected]
  8. Check your email address for the clearance certificate.

NOTE: You can also complete the process via SMS. To do it using SMS, send CS to 21272. (NOTE: Each SMS costs ksh 19, make sure you have enough credit loaded)



It is becoming commonplace for the government and private sector to ask prospective employees to present a certificate of clearance from a licensed CRB. Certificate of clearance is used to know your Employee (KYE), Know your Customer (KYC), Know your Agent (KYA), or to clear a business person applying for a tender or doing business with SMEs or corporate clients.

To prove that you have a good credit history, CRB companies offer you a clearance certificate.

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