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How to get CRB credit report

Need to get your credit report from CRB, then this article will take you through the whole process step by step. This credit report is normally needed by a person looking to apply for a loan from a bank. Also, this report is normally requested by your employer when you are applying for a job. In addition to this, this report is normally requested by businesses and the government from business people they are vetting to work with.

Get your Credit report from Metropol CRB

get credit report metropol

To receive your credit report from Metropol CRB, follow these steps:

  1. Dial *433# on your phone.
  2. Select credit report by Pressing 3 (Credit score, Credit report, clearance certificate, who has listed me)
  3. Press O.K
  4. Input your PIN (or if you have forgotten it Press 1 to reset. A new PIN will be sent to you via SMS)
  5. Press 1 to confirm if you want to know credit report and confirm by pressing O.K.
  6. You will be asked to pay Ksh 100 using MPESA to get who has listed me, Press 1. (Or press 0 to receive CRB payment instructions via SMS)
  7. Complete payment using m-pesa.
  8. You will receive a message from Metropol confirming payment has been received.
  9. Finally, you will receive an SMS message with a link to download your credit report and a Ref number.
  10. Open the link.
  11. Key in your telephone number.
  12. Then input the reference number.
  13. Press the download link that appears to download your credit report.

That is how you get CRB report using Metropol.

get credit report transunion

Get a Credit report from TransUnion CRB

To get your credit report from TransUnion CRB, follow these steps:

  1. Send an SMS to 21272 with your full names as they appear on your National ID
  2. You will receive a message from Transunion Nipashe asking you to ‘register by paying Ksh 50.
  3. Open mpesa on your phone.
  4. Select lipa na mpesa.
  5. Choose paybill
  6. Enter Transunion CRB business number 212121, Press OK
  7. Next, enter account number which is your National ID number, Press OK
  8. Enter amount 50, and press OK.
  9. Now Enter M-PESA PIN, press OK.
  10. Confirm that you are paying ‘Credit Reference Bureau Africa Ltd
  11. Press Send
  12. M-pesa will confirm payment was successful.
  13. You will receive a message from Transunion confirming that registration is successful.
  14. Next, send a new SMS to 21272 with CS. (CS means credit Status)
  15. Send M to 21272 in a new message (M means more)
  16. Send CR to 21272 (CR means Credit report.)
  17. Reply with your email address.
  18. Your credit report will be sent to your email address.
  19. Log on to your email address and download your Credit report.

You can also get your report from the TransUnion Nipashe android app after you download it from the google play store. That is one of the ways to get credit report in Kenya.

Get CRB credit report using Nipashe app

You can also get your CRB report using the Transunion nipashe app by following these steps:

  1. First, register for Transunion nipashe CRB service.
  2. Next, open google playstore
  3. Search for Transunion nipashe app.
  4. Download and install the app.
  5. Open the app type in your ID.
  6. You will receive an SMS with an activation code.
  7. Input the activation code and log in to the app.
  8. Select credit report
  9. Input your email address.
  10. Log in to your email and download your credit report.

That is how to get your credit report from TransUnion CRB.

What is a credit report?

As you can see, the credit report is a very important document and plays a vital role. So what is a CRB credit report?

A CRB credit report is a detailed account of a customer’s borrowing with all current credit providers and their performance. It lists all the credit accounts, in the past and present, and shows the repayment history of each account.

This report reveals your character when it comes to loan payment and honouring credit facilities. In short, it reveals your credit reputation. Are you a good borrower or a bad borrower?

It is used by lenders, such as banks or mobile loan apps, to see whether they will offer you loan facilities.

Where can you get your Credit Report in Kenya?

In Kenya, you can download your credit report from three CRB’s these are Transunion, Metropol, and creditinfo. The process of getting your credit report involves choosing a CRB company, registering with them and then proceeding to pay and login to download your Report. 

How much does it cost to get a credit report?

How much will it cost you to get your report? Getting a credit report is free for the most part. All you have to do is pay a registration fee with your CRB of choice. This fee ranges from 50 Ksh to 100 Ksh.

A consumer is entitled to one free credit report per calendar year. After that, the bureau will charge you.

How often you should check it

So it’s very important to be checking your credit report at least every 6 months if you do not borrow often. And at least every month if you borrow often.


The credit report plays a very important role when it comes to knowing your credit status. It shows you who has listed you negatively i.e. blacklisted you. It also shows you who has you in the good books when it comes to credit.

This report can be gotten from all the credit reference bureaus in Kenya. The simplified steps for getting your credit report are you start by registering with a CRB, make payment then login and download your report.

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