Telkom Freedom friday Bundles reduced - 50gb - 80gb - 100gb

Telkom reduces Freedom Friday data GB bundle offers

I normally buy my data bundles monthly from Telkom Kenya, especially on Fridays. This is because their Freedom Friday offers are super affordable. (ps. By the way, if you haven’t tried them, you better.) But this time around I realized something. Instead of getting the usual 60 GB of data for Ksh 1000, I only got 50 GB! It got me asking, what else has changed from the Freedom Friday offered by Telkom Kenya?

You need to know that Telkom has one of the best offers for data for your mobile phone in Kenya. This offer is called the Freedom Friday offer. This offer runs every Friday of the week and the telco gives its subscribers data bundles in Kenya that are unmatched by any other mobile network.

What has changed with the Telkom Freedom Friday Data Offer?

Previously, a Telkom user would get 60 GB for Ksh 1000, 90 GB for Ksh 1250, 120 GB for Ksh 1,500, and 180 GB for Ksh 2,000. This Freedom Friday offers what you could choose from i.e. Freedom 60GB, freedom 90GB, Freedom 120GB, and Freedom 180GB.

But recently, these offers have seen a change with each being reduced. Now, when you spend Ksh 1000 you will get only 50GB of data. Not only that but the data bundles you used to get with the other offers have also been reduced. Ksh 1250 will now get you 80GB of data and 1500 KSH will see Telkom subscribers get 100GB compared to 120GB previously.

Also, the option for purchasing a Freedom Friday monthly bundle offer with 2000 KSH is no longer available.

However, Telkom did add a new option to choose from which is the Freedom 5GB which you can subscribe to using 100 KSH.

Comparison of Previous Telkom Freedom Friday offers what they have now

Below see the changes that have come to the Freedom Friday internet bundles.

Freedom Friday Offer



Price Ksh

Freedom 60GB 60GB 50GB 1000
Freedom 90GB 90GB 80GB 1250
Freedom 120GB 120GB 100GB 1500
Freedom 180GB 180GB N/A 2000

As you can see, the price hasn’t changed, however, the amount of bundles you receive has been reduced.

If you need to learn more about the Telkom Kenya Freedom Friday and how you can buy them, check out this complete guide here.


Yes, imagine that.

Lately, Telkom Kenya users of the popular Freedom Friday bundle offer noticed that the telco provided had reduced their GB data bundles offering to customers once they purchased the bundles.

Take for example their most popular offering, where subscribers could purchase 60 GB for 1000 Ksh. Now, for Ksh 1000, Telkom Kenya subscribers only get 50 GB data bundles. That’s a reduction of 10 GB. Imagine what you could have done with an extra 10 GB!

However, with the amount of bundles you get and the Telkom Network covering most of Kenya, it begs the question, is the Telkom Freedom Friday offer still worth buying?

To conclude, to get the Freedom Friday Telkom Bundles, just dial *544# and select 0. This offer is only on Fridays and will offer you a variety of data to choose from.

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