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Telkom Ziada points: Check balance, register, redeem airtime, data bundles

Telkom Ziada points is a reward system by Telkom Kenya that awards points to customers on their mobile network for using their services. This loyalty program can be compared to the Bonga points system that Safaricom is popular for.

Telkom Kenya appreciates its customers and believes in rewarding them for their loyalty. Telkom Ziada Points come into play here. In this post, we’ll look at what Telkom Ziada Points are, how they help users, how to earn them, how to redeem them, and what great benefits you may get. Let’s take you through a world of prizes and perks with Telkom Ziada Points!

How to redeem Telkom Ziada points *126#

To redeem your points on Telkom Ziada follow these steps:

  1. Dial *126#
  2. Select your option; 1:Get Freedom Data Bundle, 2:Get Free Airtime (Across Networks) 3:Device redemption.
  3. Choose the item you want to redeem.
  4. Telkom will give you a confirmation message that you have successfully redeemed items using Ziada.

Note: When redeeming Ziada points for data and phone calls, take note of when the minutes and bundles will expire.

When it’s time to redeem your hard-earned Ziada Points, Telkom Kenya offers a seamless process. Simply log in to your Telkom App, dial *126# or walk into any Telkom Kenya shop for assistance. 

How do you check your Ziada points?

Need to find out how many Ziada points you have accumulated? Then you can do that in 3 ways. The fastest and easiest way to check your Telkom Ziada points balance is by dialing *126# from your phone. Using this USSD code, you can access your balance on both smartphones and feature phones. 

The other two ways are through the Telkom App and by dialing *544# and checking your balance.

How do you earn points?

As a customer, you earn 1 point for every 1 KSH you spend on calls, SMS, and data. Telkom subscribers with enough Ziada points can redeem them for airtime, freedom data bundles, and also mobile phone handsets.

So, what are Telkom Ziada points?

Telkom Ziada Points is a loyalty program created to reward Telkom Kenya customers for their ongoing support and use of Telkom services. Services such as browsing using data bundles, phone calls, T-Kash, and SMS. When you use Telkoms services in Kenya, you earn Ziada Points, which may be redeemed for great prizes.

Ziada Points can be accumulated through various activities, such as topping up your airtime, purchasing data bundles, making calls, and even using Telkom Kenya’s partner services.

What can you redeem using Ziada Points?

These are the rewards you can get when you redeem Ziada points.

Internet Bundles

When you have accumulated enough Ziada points, you can redeem them for Telkom Data bundles.

Here are some of the internet bundles you can redeem.

  • Freedom Daily 2GB for 1,649 points
  • Freedom Weekly 2GB for 4,149 points Freedom Monthly 4GB for 8,299 points

Telkom Airtime

Also, users with enough Ziada points can redeem Telkom talk time airtime using the points they have.

These are the options you can get for airtime.

  • Get Ksh 50 for 1,199 points.
  • Get Ksh 100 for 1,999 points and more

Devices from Telkom: Phones, MiFi and routers

Telkom Subscribers who have earned Ziada points can also redeem them for devices.

These are some of the Telkom Kenya devices you can get from the points you have earned.

  • Kaduda 4G for 77,500 points
  • 4G MI-FI router for 124,975 points
  • 4G CPE Router for 249,975 points

How do you get / earn Ziada points?

Telkom users can earn Ziada points by topping up their lines with credit and using the services offered by the telco operator.

How to register for Ziada points

For Ziada points, there is no registration. Once you have signed up for the Telkom Kenya network, you automatically start earning the points.

Transferring Ziada points to another number

As for now, Telkom Kenya subscribers cannot transfer Ziada points to another user.

Benefits of Telkom Ziada points

The growing of your Telkom Ziada Points has a number of advantages. Access to unique offers, discounts on selected items and services, free airtime, data bundles, and other exciting benefits are among them. The more points you earn, the more perks you will receive.


What are Telkom Ziada Points?

Loyalty points called Telkom Ziada Points are what Telkom Kenya gives to its customers as a thank you for their continued support and use of its services. These points can be earned and exchanged for a variety of benefits and rewards.

How do I earn Telkom Ziada Points?

You can earn Telkom Ziada Points by using their services like; topping up on airtime, buying data bundles, making calls, and so on. Ziada Points are earned by using Telkom credit, which adds to your overall points balance.

How do I check my Telkom Ziada Points balance?

To check you Ziada points balance, you can dial through USSD *126# , using the Telkom app or Dialing *544# and checking the Balance.

What can I redeem with Telkom Ziada Points?

In addition to additional data bundles, voice minutes, SMS bundles, discounted devices, partner discounts, and chances to win prizes through exclusive competitions and promotions, Telkom Ziada Points can be redeemed for a variety of rewards and benefits.

Is there an expiration period for Telkom Ziada Points?

Telkom Ziada Points have an expiration period. The validity of the points can vary, so it's important to check the terms and conditions associated with the loyalty program or contact Telkom Kenya's customer support for specific details.

Can I transfer my Telkom Ziada Points to another user?

No, Telkom Ziada Points are non-transferable and can only be used by the account holder who earned them.

Do Telkom Ziada Points have any cash value?

Telkom Ziada Points do not have any cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash. They are solely meant to be used for redeeming rewards and benefits within the Telkom Kenya loyalty program.


Telkom Ziada Points are a terrific way for Telkom Kenya customers to gain access to a world of rewards and privileges. By using Telkom services, you earn Ziada Points, which can be used for a variety of exciting offers, discounts, and special incentives. Ziada Points add value to your Telkom experience, whether it’s free airtime, cheap data packages, or great promotions. Begin accumulating Ziada Points today by signing up and get the benefits of being a committed Telkom Kenya customer.

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