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get credit report from crb

How to get CRB credit report

Need to get your credit report from CRB, then this article will take you through the whole process step by step. This report is normally needed by a person looking to apply for a loan from a bank. Also, this report is normally requested by your employer when you are applying for a job. In […]

get crb clearance certificate

How to get your CRB clearance certificate

A CRB clearance certificate is a document that is given by credit reference bureaus to show that you have not been blacklisted. This means that you have honored all your loan obligations to lenders and are consistently paying your debts without missing out. Nowadays, if you need to apply for a job, apply for a […]

fuliza mpesa loan

Fuliza mpesa loan: how to use, register and check limit

Safaricom are known for creating products and services that resonate with Kenyans. Take for example fuliza, an overdraft loan mobile service offered through m-pesa. Although still new in the market, the popularity of this service has grown in leaps and bounds. It has become common place to hear someone say ‘acha ni Fulize’. This article […]

how to apply for a KCB mpesa loan

How to apply for a KCB mpesa loan

Need to apply for a KCB mpesa loan, then this article will guide you step by step on how to do that. This is by far the most popular feature with users of the KCB mpesa account. This because of the quick and easy mpesa loans it offers. To apply for this instant loan in […]

KCB mpesa saidia mpesa loan apps

KCB mpesa loan, savings and deposit

KCB mpesa banking service is a savings and loan service partnership between KCB and safaricoms mpesa. It gives users mpesa loans, savings and other services. It enables mobile users in Kenya to save anything from 50 Ksh upward. Savings on KCB mpesa earn interest of up to 6.65% on the money saved. Gone are the […]