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Branch Loan app Review

Are you looking to use the branch loan app to apply for a quick loan and are wondering how i compares to others in the market? Then you are in the right place. here we cover all the questions you may be having about the branch app. This include, interest rate, loan repayment period and […]

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CRB contacts: Customer care for credit reference bureau

Need to contact CRB to speak to a customer service representative? Or you need CRB contacts so as to get clarification about your credit info. Here we put together the email addresses, telephone numbers and mobile numbers for all CRB providers in Kenya. The contact details of metropol, Transunion and creditinfo have been listed below. […]

register on CRB in kenya

How to register on CRB: Transunion, creditinfo and metropol

Before you can access your free credit report, you must register on CRB. The registration process allows you to access various services on the bureau such as; credit score, credit report, clearance certificate, and know who has listed me. There are three CRB institutions you can register within Kenya. These are TransUnion, creditinfo, and Metropol. […]

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Creditinfo CRB: How to check your status, credit report and get clearance certificate

Creditinfo Kenya is a credit bureau owned by Creditinfo international. If you are looking to get your CRB credit status using Creditinfo, then you are in the right place. Not only that, but we also cover how to get all services offered by this bureau, including credit reports, clearance certificates, and knowing which loan provider […]


TransUnion Kenya CRB: How to get clearance certificate and credit report

Transunion is one of the three main players in the Kenya CRB space. Their mission is to help people gain access to opportunities that can improve their quality of life. Need to get your credit report from TransUnion, or know your status report? This is all covered here. Including how to get your clearance certificate […]


metropol CRB: credit report, get clearance certificate and status check

Metropol CRB is an information and credit management company and is one of the three CRB’s in Kenya. It was established in 1996 and is licensed by CBK to provide credit reference bureau (CRB) services to ALL banks in and financial lenders in Kenya. Need to access your CRB status, credit report and clearance certificate […]

Tala contacts: tala customer care phone number, Email and SMS

If you are here you must be wondering how do you get tala contacts for the customer care team to help you. You have downloaded and installed the Tala app, but in the process of using it you encounter a problem with the application. What next? You need instant assistance with the app, whether it’s […]

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Timiza contacts: How to contact Timiza customer care Telephone no

Sometimes you maybe using the absa timiza app and need to contact timiza customer care. This is because you may have forgotten your login PIN. Or the banking app isn’t responding the way you want it to. It could also be that you need to ask the timiza support team a question. This are some […]