Best loan apps for Iphone IOS in Kenya (apply for loan)

Looking to apply for a loan on your apple iphone IOS in Kenya? Well, that can be quite hard because most loan apps that work on android do not work well on ios. This proves to be a challenge to many iphone users in Kenya to get a mobile loan and cash sent directly to their phone. The two popular ways are either through m-shwari or KCB mpesa.

However, worry no more, Saidia is here to help. We have listed 10 ways in which iPhone users can apply for a mobile loan below. This is how to get a mobile loan on your iPhone.

1. Timiza

Timiza is a banking service that is offered by ABSA bank (formerly Barclays bank). Using their USSD service, new users can register on the platform and apply for a loan. You can also download the app from the apple iTunes store and apply for a cash loan that will be sent directly to your m-pesa account.

Note: To use the Timiza service, you do not have to have an ABSA account. Quickly and easily register for a new account and apply for a loan.

To start using the service, use the Timiza ussd code is *848# which you can access by dialing from your phone.

If you need to get in touch with customer service for assistance with Timiza USSD service you can get the details on their website.

To see other services that Timiza offers, and how to register an account once you have installed the app check out this timiza app complete guide.

Download Timiza on apple itunes store.

2. KCB MPesa

The KCB mpesa service is another way to get a loan in Kenya through USSD code. Not only that, this service can be accessed directly from the mpesa menu on your phone. Here is a detailed step by step guide on how to access cash loans from this lending platform offered by KCB bank.

To use this service the KCB Mpesa loan dial USSD code *522# from your phone.

3. Zenka loan

This cash lending app is available both as an app in the app store and also through the USSD service in Kenya. Zenka offers quick cash loans sent directly to your mpesa account. It is offered by zenka finance company.

To access the service directly without downloading an app, use the zenka loan USSD code is *841# which you dial to access on your phone dialer.

Need more details about the zenka loan for example interest rates, repayment period and maximum and minimum amounts, check out this complete zenka loan app guide.

Download Zenka on apple itunes store.

4. Okolea

Okolea is one of those unique loan offering services in Kenya that operate both using an iphone IOS phone app and a USSD code. Offered by Okolea international, the service allows you to apply for a loan using any phone in Kenya. So you as an iPhone user can apply for a loan in directly from your phone.

To start using okolea loan, dial the USSD code is *842# from your phone.

Download okolea on apple itunes store.

5. HF Whizz

This is a service offered by housing finance company of Kenya and is available directly on your phone. To access the HF Whizz ussd code dial*618#.

If you have any inquiries about this service offered, you can reach out to HF whizz on their website.

6. Pesapap

Pesapap is a popular banking service that gives cash loans through their USSD service. It is offered by family bank of Kenya and comes with banking services to it once you have registered.

To access the pesapap ussd loan dial code *325# on your phone. If you have any questions about the service, you can reach the pesapap team on the website.

7. Okao mia loans

Okoamia is a unique USSD loan service offered by okoamia ventures. If you need to apply for a loan on okoa mia then dial the okoa mia USSD code *628# on your phone. In case you have questions about the service, you can get support by visiting their website.

8. Hela247

Another way to access loan apps for iphone is by using the Hela247 service which is offered by Century MFB.

The Hela247 loan USSD code is *871# which you can access by dialing on your phone.

9. M-fanisi

This service is offered by maisha bank and has provided a USSD code that a user looking for a cash loan can use to access services.

The M-fanisi loan USSD code is *281# which you can access by dialing on your iphone.

10. Pesa Pata

This is the last USSD loan service platform that we cover in this article. Pesa pata is offered by Paddy Micro Investments Company.

To access the okolea loan USSD code dial *269# on your phone and follow the instructions.


All this services need you to be a registered safaricom user. Money is normally sent to your m-pesa wallet when applying for cash on this loan apps for iphone. 

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