Register Zash account and get loan - step by step detailed

How to register for Zash loan app account and start to apply for cash

Once you have downloaded and installed the Zash loan app, you will need to register and fill in a digital form with your details. Filling this form accurately when registering will boost your chances of qualifying for a loan. (This is a guide for first-time users.)

Register for Zash loan account and fill in the registration form guide complete with pics starts below.

How to register for Zash loan app account and start to apply for cash

Here is how to register for a zash account step by step.

Step 1: Press the Apply now button. Then you will need to fill in more details on the digital form.

Step 2: Next, fill in personal info.

This includes:

-First name

-Last name

-Idcard Number



-Place of residence – County – District

-Detailed address


-Alternative phone no

Now, Press Submit to go to the next stage / section.



Step 3: Now, proceed to fill in income info.


This includes:

-Type of work

-Monthly income

-Pay day

-Company name


-Company phone

Step 4: Then press submit.

Step 5: The next part to fill in is Emergency contact.


This includes:

-Relationship: This can either be Parents, Spouse, Child, Sibling, Cousins or Uncles/Aunties.

-phone number


-phone number


-Phone number

Press ‘ Submit

Note: You will need at least three numbers for emergency contacts. The numbers will have to be selected directly from your contact list.

Step 6: Then press Submit.

Step 7: Wait for the information to be processed. There will be a 30-second countdown, wait for this to complete.

Step 8: When you have filled in all the information correctly, you can start Applying for a loan.

Step 9: Zash will approve you for a loan by showing you ‘Quota approved success.’

If not, you will be notified that you can’t apply for a loan currently.

Step 10: Proceed to apply for your Zash loan. As a new zash user, you will be shown the loan amount you qualify for, loan term, received amount, Mpesa account and the estimated due date.

Now you can accept the terms and conditions and press Loan and start applying for a Zash mpesa loan. 

Start applying for a Zash loan

Now that you have completed the registration process successfully, it is time. The next step is to now begin requesting for an mpesa loan on zash.

You will start by checking your loan limit, then it will be followed by accepting a loan agreement. Once that is done, follow these steps to apply for a zash loan for the first time.


After downloading and installing the Zash loan app, you must register an account on the app.

The reason you need to register on the loan app is so that you can open your account. This account will now enable you to borrow a loan in form of cash that will be sent directly to your mpesa wallet.

Yes, registration normally takes a few minutes, but this guide will take you through each and every step.

Note: Make sure that when you fill in the zash online registration form for your loan application, type your name as it appears on your national ID. This should be done correctly so as to increase your chances of qualifying for your first loan on Zash.

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