How to apply for a zash loan

Here we take you through how to apply for a Zash loan as a first time user or as a regular zash customer. Follow these steps below.


How to apply for a Zash loan

Now let’s take you step by step on how to apply for a Zash loan. This is for those who are getting loan for the first time

Step 1: Open google play store

Step 2: Search for Zash loan app.

Step 3: Select ‘ Zash Loan- Get money instantly ‘ and press Install.

Wait for the app to download and install on your phone. See this complete step by step on how to download and install Zash on your phone.

Step 4: Open the Zash loan app.

Step 5: Agree to the terms and conditions and permissions.

Step 6: Now allow Zash loan app to access the following on your phone by pressing Allow;

Contacts, Make and manage phone calls, Access your calendar, Access this device’s location, Send and view SMS.

Step 7: Begin the registration process by Entering your number, verification code, and password.

To get a detailed step by step on how to verify on register on Zash, click here to see the guide.

Step 8: Press Apply Now.

Step 9: Fill in the registration form.

Also, to increase your chances of qualifying for a loan, complete the registration process correctly. See how you can do that by clicking here. If you have finished the process, by entering your emergency contact, then you can continue below.

Step 10: Agree to the terms and conditions and press Get my Loan.


Note: Now, you will see the loan amount you’ll get on zash

Step 11: Next, press Loan.

Note: If it’s your first time applying for a Zash loan, you’ll be asked to ‘ Take a selfie ‘ to ensure the security of your account.

Step 12: Confirm the loan summary details which are; Received amount, Loan amount, service Fee, M-pesa account, Estimated due date.


Step 13: Select ‘ I accept loan agreement ‘

Step 14: Press Loan button.

Step 15: Next, your loan order will be successfully submitted.

To see the loan details, press ‘ View order detail ‘

Step 16: Now, wait a few minutes. Your loan will go under review.

Step 17: Next, your loan status will go to ‘ Loan approved ‘ in green.

If it hasn’t shown yet, refresh the home screen or close and open the app.

Step 18: Go to your messages, and you’ see an Mpesa message and a Zash SMS confirming loan from Zash loan app


Step 19: Finally, you have your loan sent to your phone directly to mpesa from Zash loan app.

Applying for a Zash loan for the first time

Once you have completed the registration process, wait for the information to be processed and follow the steps shown above to start applying for a loan.

That’s it for your application for ‘ Zash ‘ loan. To succesfully and quickly get a loan, make sure you have completed the registration for Zenka loan. Don’t worry, find the complete process on how to register for zenka here.

Sometimes you may have a challenge when using the zenka loan app, feel free to check out this article that solves some of the problems.

Zash order details

This outlines the particulars of the loan that Zash will send to your mpesa once you agree to the terms and conditions. It is a summary of the interest that you will be charged on the loan as well as the money that you will be repaying on the repayment date.

It involves the following:

  • Order number
  • loan amount
  • Status
  • Loan term
  • Filing date
  • Payment date
  • Repayment date
  • Transfer amount
  • Service Fee
  • Amount repayable.

Taking Selfie for security on Zash Loan

If it is your first time applying for a loan on Zash, you’ll be required to take a selfie. This is so as to ensure the security of your account.

Here is how you go about it:

Step 1: Press OK to the prompt that asks you ‘ to ensure the security of your account please take your selfie. ‘

Step 2: Give Zash permissions by pressing Allow when asked ‘ Allow ZASH LOAN to take pictures and record video? ‘

Step 3: Take selfie with your camera and press OK

Applying for a loan for registered Zash users

If you have already registered and created an account with Zash, follow these steps to apply for an m-pesa loan on your phone.

Step 1: Open the Zash loan app

Step 2: Sign in to Zash by entering your phone number and PIN. Then press Login.

Step 3: Once you log in, wait for the 30-second count down to complete.

Step 4: See how much you qualify for on the loan app and select the amount you want to borrow.

Step 5: Accept the loan agreement and press loan.


Why did I get less money than I applied for?

The main reason for receiving less amount of money on the loan you borrowed from Zash app is because of the difference between the received amount and the loan amount. The cash you receive on mpesa is loan amount minus the service fee. Now this becomes the money sent to you by Zash loan.


When applying for a Zash loan on the app, you will need to have an android phone, an active Safaricom line with mpesa and make sure the android version is compatible. The process of applying for a loan on the app is straight forward, but at the same time, it is not the easiest process compared to these loan apps in Kenya.


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