telkom kenya modem

Telkom Kenya Modem | Price and Internet speed

Looking to buy the telkom modem? Here is a list of everything you need to know to make an informed choice.

telkom kenya modem

This exciting age of telecommunication has seen the majority of people opt to have a reliable and fast internet connection everywhere they are. This is a very practical way of engaging in all spheres of life as more communication is done via the internet. Business transactions as well as social interactions have been greatly impacted by social media and as such people have the need to be online more and more frequently.

Whereas most people opt to use their personal handsets to connect to the internet, it might prove to be a challenge to use the connectivity of a mobile phone on a number of devices. As such, the logical step taken is acquisition of a modem or portable Mi-Fi.

Being a trend setter on the internet connectivity front, Telkom Kenya provides a one stop solution for such needs from their clients. The Telkom 4G Mi-Fi router is a revolutionary modem must have for the always on the move internet users.

For a reasonable price of Kshs 5,499/=, the router which easily fits in your pocket, has the ability to connect 16 different devices to the internet, ensure download speeds of up to 150 Megabits per second and upload speeds of up to 50 Megabits per second. Added to this, the portable router has a 1500 mAh battery to further reduce reliance on a constant electricity supply for connection to the internet.

Upon purchase of the router, one is automatically awarded a free 4G sim card and 10GB data when they send the IMEI number of the Mi-Fi router to 72072. Subsequent data purchases are the most favorable in the Kenyan market as the daily 2GB for Kshs 99/= is proof of. If one prefers, they may also opt for the G-bambe offer in which the subscriber is allocated 1GB of daily data for 30 days at a reasonable cost of Kshs 1,000/=. Heavier internet bandwidth users may opt for the reliable Home plan costing Kshs 4,000/= which has the enticing Unlimited data tag.

The Router set up is relatively simple and can be done without a lot technical knowledge. Once the provided 4G sim card is inserted into the device, an automated message will be sent to it and the user simply has to save this message and proceed with browsing. If the text message delays, all one needs to do is send a blank message to 1234 and the automated system will immediately send an SMS with the internet settings to the sim card.

The Routers are readily available at all Telkom Shops countrywide. Don’t know where to find a shop nearest to you? On Telkom Kenya’s Website, they have a “shop locator” icon to help you easily identify the nearest one to your current location.

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