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Welcome to the saida loan app review. Below find a brief summary about the saida app.

PROS: The installation process is easy and straight forward for the Saida Loan app.

CONS:  Applying for the loan is a longer process compared to the other competing loan apps i.e. Tala and Branch.


VERDICT: Saida stands out from other mobile loan apps because it is both an instant loan app and an app that helps you save money directly from your phone.  It also adds a guarantee feature where you can nominate a friend who already uses the app to guarantee you a loan. However Saida has a longer learning curve compared to the market leaders tala and branch. Lack of proper A.I integration means you need to fill in a digital form that consumes time. Qualifying for a loan is also not straight forward and you will be asked to deposit a  small amount of money if you don’t qualify for a loan the 1st time.


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About Saida:


Saida is a loan app that is available in Kenya which helps you access fast and convenient m-pesa loans. These loans can be used to grow your business , pay your bills or deal with unforeseen emergencies. The company behind the development of this loan app is known as Greenshoe Capital INC, on the google play store, where you can download the Saida app, it has more than 500, 000 downloads. Also amongst the over half a million users who downloaded saida, 5, 000 of this users rated it an average 3.7/5.0.

Saida was launched in 2015 and has slowly but surely gained market in the Kenyan market. Comparing the numbers of downloads on the google play store, Saida stands at number three in the mobile loan apps that disperse the loans through M-pesa in Kenya.  One thing that the developers decided to focus on with the app is that it was primarily for smartphone users.

Saida Loan App | Website

Size and Updates:

When downloading an application from the google play store, size matters. This is because with every MB download, this reflects a consumption of data from your carrier.  Saida comes in a very manageable package of 4.3 MB. Having a small size is also advantageous because it saves space on your phone, saving you the need to delete items.

Saida loan up is updated often. An advantage of this is that in case of any bugs in the app, they can be rectified and resolved. This helps the app perform well.

Please note that you will require android version 2.3+ in order for the Saida loan app to operate optimally on your phone. Check out this step by step guide on how to find out what version of android your phone is running.

Loan repayment and limit:

Saida offers loans from as little as KES 600 to a maximum of KES 100,000. The loan interest rates depend on how much you take. It will range from 7.5% to 10% interest on Saida app loans. This loans are repayable within 30 days.

Saida Loan App | Homepage

Contact and support:

When it comes to support, saida limits it to email only. We have highlighted their contact page and you can find it by clicking here.  During the time we carried out the test of the app, there was no in app support offered. 

Social Media:

Given the popularity of social media and the convenience it gives to the end user of a product/app, it is unfortunate that saida do not have an active social media presence.



The Saida loan app is not feature rich, but has enough features to get the job done.

Saida Loan App Interface

User Experience:


The saida loan app is clean, simple and to the point. This makes it easy to use, however it is not feature rich. Most notable features that are missing is an in app chat function. However it stands out by having a saving feature and also you can ask a friend to guarantee you with the guarantee feature.
Here at Siadia we have a tutorial on how to use the app which you can find here.


Sawa, now let’s get the saida loan app. You can download it using the link below.

Enjoy the Saida Loan App.

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