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How to buy bundles on Faiba mobile JTL – Mpesa | Airtime

Faiba mobile by JTL has some of the most affordable data bundles in Kenya and here we take you through how to buy data bundles for faiba mobile. This offers for internet data bundles start from 1 GB – 70 GB and the price is from Ksh 50 up to Ksh 7,000. Now, get to know how to purchase internet bundles on Faiba mobile JTL either through mpesa or using airtime.



Here we show you how to buy data bundles on Faiba JTL by taking you through the steps below.


Steps on how to buy data bundles on Faiba mobile JTL using MPESA

These are the steps to follow to buy data bundles for Faiba mobile JTL and will be complete using mpesa. So make sure you have your safaricom mpesa line with you.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Open your web browser on your phone using either chrome, opera mini etc.
  2. Go to selfcare.jtl.co.ke or click here.
  3. Choose Data option.
  4. Select Buy on the option of data bundles you would like [want to buy.]
  5. Next, choose the ‘Options‘ of how you want to top up data bundles, either through ‘airtime‘ or ‘Mpesa‘. [In this case we will top up JTL internet bundles using MPESA, so choose mpesa.]
  6. Select MPESA.
  7. Now Enter your Faiba Number0747xxxxxx
  8. Next, enter the Safaricom mpesa number to use to buy bundles. ‘07xxxxxxxx
  9. Wait for the Mpesa pop up and enter your Mpesa Pin. “Do you want to pay Kshs. 50 to JAMII TELECOM Account no. 254747xxxxxx-D1? Enter M-PESA PIN: ”
  10. Confirm purchase of bundles from mpesa.
  11. You’ll then get a confirmation message on mpesa.
  12. Now, check your balance on the Faiba App.

Once you have successfully purchased data bundles for your JTL faiba mobile line, you can now start using the internet to browse.

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Buy Faiba data bundles using airtime

Faiba mobile users can also top up their bundles using airtime by following these steps.

  1. Open Faiba app.
  2. Select buy bundles.
  3. Choose bundle you want to buy.
  4. Press OK to buy bundle.
  5. Choose Buy Once under the Auto Renew Bundle or select Autorenew if you prefer.
  6. Confirm you Faiba number.
  8. You will receive a confirmation “Success! Bundle purchased!”.
  9. Check your balance on the faiba app.

Note: To complete this process you will need to buy airtime for your faiba mobile line and also have the Faiba app installed on your phone.


How can I buy faiba bundle?

There are three main ways to buy data bundles for faiba mobile. Through the faiba app, through selfcare JTL online and through the JTL USSD *111#.

Does Faiba mobile have unlimited data bundles?

Faiba mobile has unlimited data bundles when you buy the fisi hour for Ksh 150. And it lasts for 3 hours.

How can you buy Faiba bundles from Mpesa?

You can buy Faiba bundles from mpesa by using Paybill Number 776611 then entering your number and the amount you want to buy. Also, by using the Faiba app, you can buy data bundles through mpesa directly and faster Faiba mobile.

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