Faiba mobile Buy data bundles using airtime JTL

How to buy data bundles for faiba mobile using airtime – app and selfcare

To buy Faiba mobile data bundles using airtime, there are two ways you can go about it. The first way is through the Faiba JTL app and the second way is through the jtl selfcare portal. Here we take you through how to buy JTL mobile data bundles using airtime both ways.


Buy Faiba mobile data bundles using airtime – through the Faiba app

Faiba mobile users can also top up their bundles using airtime by following these steps

  1. Open Faiba app
  2. Select buy bundles.
  3. Choose bundle you want to buy.
  4. Press OK to buy bundle.
  5. Choose Buy Once under the Auto Renew Bundle or select Autornew if you prefer
  6. Confirm you Faiba number
  8. You will receive a confirmation “Success! Bundle purchased!“.
  9. Check your balance on the Faiba app.

Note: To complete this process you will need to buy airtime for your faiba mobile line and also have the faiba app installed on your phone.


Buy faiba mobile data bundles using airtime – through JTL selfcare portal

To purchase data bundles for Faiba mobile using the selfcare portal, follow the steps below.

  1. Open your browser and go to selfcare.jtl.co.ke or click here.
  2. Select Data.
  3. Choose data bundle you want and select BUY.
  4. Choose Airtime from the OPTIONS
  5. Then input in your Faiba Number 0747 xxxxxx
  6. Press Initiate.
  7. You will get confirmation of data bundle purchase.
  8. Next, check your airtime balance on the Faiba app.

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What Faiba data bundle offers are there?

Here are the most common faiba mobile data bundle offers; -Fisi hour: Unlimited internet for 3 hours every day at 150. -1GB daily for Ksh 50. -25GB Monthly for Ksh 1,000.

How to check faiba 4G bundle balance?

To check your faiba mobile data bundle balance use the following was; dial *111# on your phone, download and install the faiba app or browse to selfcare JTL.

Where can you buy faiba 4G SIM card for your mobile?

If you need to buy a faiba mobile SIM card, you can purchase one from all the Phone Xpress shops. Also, you can find them at Faiba shops all around Kenya. you can also call customer care Faiba 4G to ask for a SIM card by dialing 0747585100.

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