Faiba Mobile JTL 4G SIM Card Issue

Faiba Mobile JTL 4G SIM card issue – How to solve it

Have you bought a Faiba SIM card by JTL recently, put it in your phone and it hasn’t worked? i.e. you aren’t able to register on the JTL 4G network. Well, you are not alone. A few Kenyans have had the same issue. Here we take you through the possible causes and how to sort out the problem.


What could be causing this issue?

Well, here are a few things that we found out could be leading to the problem. Either your phone is not compatible with the type of 4G offered by Faiba, your Faiba mobile line hasn’t been activated or the SIM card hasn’t been topped up with credit.

Not to worry, at Saidia we shall take you through how to resolve each of these issues with your Faiba mobile line.


Check 4G compatibility of your Phone with Faiba mobile network

When buying a Faiba Mobile SIM card, you should know that the SIM card is not compatible with all smartphones. Your mobile phone must support Faiba 4G LTE frequency band.

Simply put, not all 4G is the same. So for your phone to work on Faiba mobile, it needs to support the following 4g frequencies; 4G LTE Band 28(700) and band 3(1800).


Source: Twitter – Faiba Mobile

However, the 4G band 3(1800) works in major towns in Kenya like Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu and Eldoret.

Not to worry, there is a way to check if your phone is compatible with the Faiba 4G SIM card.

To check if your phone works with Faiba Mobile 4G, you can visit the JTL website and check it using the ‘ Device compatibility.’ Or click here to access the JTL Fiaba mobile page to do the check.

Note: The fastest way to sort this out is to either by a Faiba Mobile MiFi or to get a phone that is compatible with Faiba 4G.

It should be noted that Faiba mobile has been expanding its 4G frequency bands.

Confirm if your Faiba mobile SIM Card has been activated

Sometimes the reason why your 4G sim card may not be working properly is that it wasn’t registered. To fix this, you will need to go visit your local Faiba shop or Faiba agent.

Here you will be assisted to set up the required internet settings for data and voice. See how this is broken down step by step here by TDK.

Note: Having your phone completely set up once you buy a Faiba mobile SIM card is very important. Make sure to test everything out at the Faiba agent or Faiba shop.

Top up your Faiba 4G SIM card with credit / airtime

Yes, not having credit or airtime on your Faiba mobile could be another cause for the line not to work properly.

Make sure that once you purchase your Faiba mobile SIM card that it has been topped up with credit.

If you have run out of credit for JTL Faiba, see how you can top up here.



Faiba mobile by Jamii Telecommunications Ltd (JTL) offers some of the best deals when it comes to internet and data bundles in Kenya.

However, as a new subscriber to the network, you can get trouble getting started. To make sure you enjoy your fast internet on 4G using Faiba mobile; check the 4G compatibility on your phone, confirm if your SIM card is active, and make sure you have enough credit on your line.

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