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How to register on Metropol CRB: Registration fees, app, SMS and Website

Before you get your credit report and credit score, you will need to register on Metropol CRB. One of the best CRB providers in Kenya, known for their good customer support, great user-friendly platform, and fast service. If you are looking at how to register on Metropol CRB, this complete guide will take you through the registration step by step till you complete it successfully.

Metropol CRB offers 3 main ways to register for their Credit Reference Bureaus services. Registration can be done through their Android App Crystobol, by visiting the metropol crystobol website or by dialling *433# on your Safaricom line. Let’s begin the metropol registration below.

Register on Metropol CRB Kenya

Benefits of registering for CRB services

What benefit do you get from registering on Metropol CRB? Once you have access to Crystobol CRB you can access services such as; getting your credit score, checking your credit status and also downloading your clearance certificate. Among other CRB services

Tip: Familiarize Yourself with the Registration Methods

There are 3 main ways, mobile app, SMS, and website. Choose the method that suits you best for a convenient and streamlined CRB registration experience.

Get to know which is the fastest and Easiest way to register on Metropol CRB to check your status and download your clearance certificate.

How to register on Metropol CRB 

Now, let me take you through the three ways with which you can register on Metropol CRB that is; through SMS Metropol USSD service, on their Crystobol website, and on your smartphone using the Crystobol metropol crb app for Android.

Register on Metropol CRB through USSD *433# (SMS)

Now, if you choose to register using USSD service ( SMS ) for the Metropol Crystobol CRB service, this is the process you will need to follow. You will need to dial the metropol USSD number *433# to start the process.

To register on Metropol CRB, follow the steps below;

  1. Dial *433# on you Safaricom line.
  2. Enter your National ID Number.
  3. Confirm the details that you put in are correct.
  4. Next, proceed to pay using mpesa to finish the registration process.
  5. Open mpesa on your phone.
  6. Select lipa na mpesa.
  7. Choose paybill
  8. Enter business number 220388, Press OK
  9. Next, enter account number which is your National ID number, Press OK
  10. Enter amount 100, and press OK.
  11. Now Enter M-PESA PIN, press OK.
  12. Confirm the company you are paying ‘Metropol Credit Reference Bureau LTD’
  13. Press Send
  14. M-pesa will confirm payment was successful. You will receive a message from Metropol confirming that registration is successful.

After receiving the SMS, proceed to access your free credit report. Here is a complete guide on how to access your Metropol Credit report.

Download the Metropol Crystobol App and Register

Now, the other way to register on Metropol to get your CRB reports, status and certificate is by using the Crystobol app.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to register on Metropol CRB by downloading the app on Google Play Store.

  1. Open the google play store on your Android smartphone. Note: Make sure you have an internet connection or enough data bundles.
  2. Search for Metropol Crystobol app.
  3. Select Crystobol Metropol Credit Reference Bureau.
  4. Next, press the install button.
  5. Allow the necessary permissions needed by the app.
  6. Now, proceed to open the Crystobol app.
  7. Press Get Started to start the registration process for CRB on Metropol app.
  8. Next, input the required details; your ID number, phone number, and Email address.
  9. Press the Next Button.
  10. Now, verify your mobile number.
  11. You will receive an SMS from Metropol with a code. Copy this code and paste it into the App.
  12. Next, you will need to verify your email address.
  13. Proceed to log in to the app with the PIN that will be sent to your inbox.

That is how you get the metropol app download and start enjoying the services on crystobol.

Register on Metropol Crystobol website 

The other way to register for the CRB service on Metropol is by visiting the website. Below we shall guide you on how to do this. The process includes; fill in Basic info, Verify Mobile, Verifiy Email and Completed. Let’s go through how to register crb online through the Metropol Crystobol website.

Follow these steps to register on the Metropol Crystobol website.

  1. Open the Crystobol website link or search ‘ register Crystobol Metropol’ on google.
  2. You will then open a registration form.
  3. Fill in the required basic info; National ID, Telephone number, Email Address.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions and press next.
  5. Verify your Mobile number by inputting the code sent to your Mobile line.
  6. Next, Verify your email address by entering the code sent to your email address.
  7. Now, proceed to use the CRB services offered by Metropol Crystobol.

Click here to go to the Metropol Crystobol registration on their website.

CRB Survey 

What do you need to register on Metropol CRB?

Here are the requirements that you need to register for the Crystobol service.

  • Original ID number
  • Email address
  • Mpesa; to make a payment of 100 Ksh
  • Mobile Phone. ( Smartphone to access the app)

The fastest way to register for the Metropol CRB service

The fastest and simplest way to register for Metropol CRB is through the USSD number *433#. This method works on all types of mobile phones making it accessible to everyone with a mobile phone.  

CRB Fees – How much is the registration fee for Metropol CRB

The registration fee for Metropol CRB is Ksh 100. Although, when you are registering you should factor in other charges such as data and SMS costs. Each SMS is charged at 19 Ksh, so you need to factor this in tot the CRB fees. To make sure the process goes smoothly, have enough money in your M-pesa, enough data bundles and credit on your line. 

So to conclude, the registration fee for Metropol CRB is Ksh 100 which is to be paid using mpesa. The metropol CRB paybill number is 220388 and Enter your ID as the account number.

Once the payment is successful, you will receive an SMS with a link to Metropol Crystobol and the PIN you’ll use to access your credit report. 


How do I create a Metropol CRB account?

To create a Metropol CRB account, you will need to complete a registration process. Metropol allows you to register for an account and their service through 3 main ways; USSD (SMS), Android app and on their website. Above there is a complete step by step guide to help you register and create a Metropol CRB account with each method.

How do I register with Metropol?

For you to register with Metropol, it is the same as creating an account. You will need to either dial *433# on your phone, register on the Metropol Crystobol website or download the Crystobol App from the google playstore.

Which app is used for checking CRB status?

The app that is used to check CRB status from Metropol is the Crystobol app. Once you download it from the google play store, you will need to register and then you can access your CRB report.


Registering with Metropol CRB in Kenya is a straightforward process that can be completed online. By following the step-by-step guide outlined above, you’ll have successfully created your account and gained access to essential credit information. Monitoring your credit profile regularly will help you make informed financial decisions and improve your creditworthiness. Remember, maintaining a positive credit history is vital for accessing loans and other financial opportunities in Kenya’s competitive market.

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