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How to join earnsmart: Login, Register account and make payment

How to join earnsmart? Thinking of joining the earnsmart platform, here is a step by step guide on how you can get started.


earnsmart join register earn money



Now you are ready to join earnsmart and start earning money by referring people using your affiliate link. Or you just want to register an earnsmart account and start using the over 50 business guide e-books available on the website. Then this is the guide you need.

Let’s get started. How do you join earnsmart? Well, to cut straight to the point, you need to start by registering for an earnsmart account, selecting the gold package and finally making payment of 500 KSH to activate the account.


To begin, we will start with registering an account. Below find the steps you need to follow to register for an earnsmart account.

Note: To avoid errors when registering your earnsmart account, make sure you use google chrome browser.

How to register for an earnsmart account

Follow these steps


Step1: Open the earnsmart website on your phone.


earnsmart website how to join

Make sure you use google chrome browser and you can access the registration page by clicking here.

Step 2: Select register

select register

Choose the register option on the earnsmart website homepage. You can also click here to go directly to the earnsmart registration page.

Step 3: Fill in your details


earnsmart registration page

These details include your Full name, username, safaricom Mobile number, email address (in small letters), country.

Step 4: Enter password


enter password

Enter a password you can easily remember and note it down.

Step 5: Select the gold package


select gold package ksh 500

Next, please choose a package and select the gold package. This will help you access the e-books, referral program and other services by earnsmart.

Step 6: Enter referred by


Fill in themrkamau as your referred by.

Step 7: Agree to the terms of service.


terms and conditions

These are the terms and conditions for using the earnsmart website service.

Step 8: Press register


press register

Once you fill in all the needed details, press register.

Step 9: Make payment


make payment


Next, make your payment of Ksh 500 directly from the website. Confirm your mobile number and press Pay Now.

Step 10: Access the earnsmart dashboard


join earnsmart dashboard

Once payment is completed successfully, you will get to see your earnsmart dashboard.

How to make payment to join earnsmart

Paying your registration fee for the gold package on earnsmart is easy and costs only KSH 500. The whole process is automatic once you press the register button on the registration page.


Here is how the process for making payment goes.

Once you press the register button, you will be directed to make payment page.


make payment

Your mobile number and amount to be paid will automatically be put in.

Press the Pay Now button and wait for the mpesa option to put in your PIN to pop up.


pay now

Key in your mpesa PIN and press OK. The payment will be made to SATOSHI AGENCIES.


earnsmart pay ksh 500 to SATOSHI AGENCIES enter mpesa PIN

If the payment is successful, you will see a message on your browser that reads payment request Processed Successfully.


payment request processed successfully

You will then access your Earnsmart dashboard.


join earnsmart dashboard

Note: Make sure you have enough money in your mpesa account, at least 530 ksh.

Earnsmart login

If you need to login to earnsmart. then you can do so by clicking here to login to the website. Here is where you can also reset your account password if you have forgotten it. 

How to refer people on earnsmart after you join

With earnsmart, you can earn money by referring your network to join the platform and access the books. To refer people on earnsmart, copy the referral link or share it on whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, linkedIn or snapchat.


earnsmart referral link sample affiliate link
earnsmart referral link sample affiliate link



Earnsmart is a straight forward website and network marketing platform that is easy to use. This article details how you can join earnsmart by registering on the website and how to easily do so.

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