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This is an indepth review of the Okash loan app. After using this app for over one month, the saidia team has managed to take it to through different tests and conclude on features of the app. 

PROS: The installation process is easy and straight forward for the okash app. It can be easily found on the google play store where you can quickly download and install it to your mobile phone.

CONS:  Applying for the loan is a longer process compared to the other main competing loan apps i.e. Tala and Branch. The registration process is also not as streamlined compared to the competition with a long form you need to fill to register.

VERDICT: Another instant mpesa loan app? Most likely. Okash app really brings out the basic elements that a loan app should have i.e. Applying for a loan should not be complicated and receiving the loan should be quick. Looking at it from this point, okash has covered these angles well. However, implementation of these functions could be better. A clanky user interface with very few visual elements to guide the user on how to apply for a loan fail the app. They have tried to make up for this by having in app tutorials which unfortunately to some extent confuse the user rather than help the user understand the instant loan application. All in all, with the okash mobile loan app there are no unique features to be excited about, however it does get the job. It helps the user apply and qualify for an instant mpesa loan.

Okash instant mpesa loan app by opay



About Okash:


Okash is a mobile loan app that makes it easy for you to access credit anytime anywhere. They disperse instant loans through mpesa once you have qualified for a loan.

The company behind Okash loan app is Opay a Fintech subsidiary of Opera group. This borrowed money can be used to grow your business , pay your bills or deal with unforeseen emergencies

Okash has accumulated an impressive number of downloads. This mobile loan app has over one hundred thousand downloads on the google play app store. Amongst the over one hundred thousand users who downloaded okash, about 3,000 of these users rated it an average 4.0/5.0.

Size and Updates:

Loading screen for okash loan app

When downloading an application from the google play store, size matters. This is because with every MB downloaded, this reflects a consumption of data from your phone network carrier.  Okash comes in a very manageable package of 3.5MB. Having a small size is also advantageous because it saves space on your phone, saving you the need to delete items.

Okash loan app is updated often. An advantage of this is that in case of any bugs in the app, they can be rectified and resolved with every release. This helps the app perform well leading to a smooth user experience.

Please note that you will require android version 4.0.3+ in order for the Okash loan app to operate optimally on your phone. Check out this step by step guide on how to find out what version of android your phone is running.

Okash Loan repayment and limit:

Okash offers loans from as little as KES 500 to a maximum of KES 100,000. The loan interest rate is 15% and are repayable within 30 days.

Contact and support:

If you need to reach Okash for any technical support, you will need to do so using their email address, help(@)o-kash.com. The in app chat function is not active as of the last time we tried using it, this is a setback since other competitors in this space really push for the in app chat support.


Okash website

Website and Social Media:

Given the popularity of social media and the convenience it gives to the end user of a product/app, Okash has only one dedicated social media channel. This is their Facebook page which has more than 15,000 users. You can check out their Facebook page here. If you want to learn more about okash, check them out on their website.


The okash loan app is your typical instant mpesa loan app. It has the basic features you require to apply for and receive a loan, nothing more nothing less. This makes it simple and straight forward to use.


Okash user interface

User Experience:


An app is only as good as how easy it is to use it. The Okash application has a simple user interface that does the job. Although missing out on few core UX principles, at the end of the day you will apply for a loan and have it dispersed to you on mpesa.


Sawa, now let’s get the okash app. You can download it using the link below.

Enjoy the Okash Loan App.

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