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Okash loan app contacts customer care and telephone number

contact okash customer care

Most of the time, applying for a mobile loan on okash is a straight forward process but sometimes you may need to contact okash customer care.

Being one of the most downloaded apps in the Kenya mobile loans market, the app has proven to be very reliable to loan borrowers. Especially if you are looking to get a loan in Kenya without security attached.

So, the question is, how do you contact okash support when you need assistant with your app?

Below we have highlighted how you can reach the support team if you need assistance.

How to contact Okash customer support?

To service their customers well, okash has different ways which you can reach them when you need help. This includes having a telephone number, using their social media or contacting them using the email address.

Okash customer care contacts:

  • Telephone number: 0207659988
  • Website: o-kash[.]com
  • Email: [email protected]
  • SMS:
  • Physical address: The Wilde, 53 Merrion Square, Dublin 2, D02 PR63, Ireland
  • Social media: Check out okash on twitter.



Telephone number:

Need to contact okash, call their telephone number 020 765 99 88 to get assistant through your phone.

Social media:

Now a day, social media plays a great role in offering customer support. Okash has made it easy for you to contact their support using social media. You can reach out to them through their twitter account using the handle @okash_kenya.

Email address:

Another way you can get in touch with the customer care team at okash is through email. Have in issues or complaints, email okash support using [email protected]

For faster assistance, make sure you include your registered m-pesa number in the subject line and they will get back to you.

Having an issue repaying the Okash loan on using your android phone? Then there could be a few possible things causing this.

The most common reason to contact okash customer support?

Below find a few known problems that may cause issues with the loan app.

Forgot my PIN:

When it comes to your PIN, Okash insists you keep it very private. In case you’ve forgotten it, contact the support team.

Who can apply for a loan?

As long as you are between 20-55 years and have a valid ID, you can apply for a loan using the app. We have put together a list of requirements that you need to meet before applying and qualifying for an okash loan.


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Why can I not qualify for a loan?

Okash has a set of requirements that you have to meet and also they use the information on your phone to see if you qualify for a loan. This information includes such things as the type of phone, m-pesa messages and the reason for borrowing money. In case there are other things you need to be clarified, the customer support team is ready to assist you.

How to apply for an okash loan?

Sometimes new users need guidance when applying for an okash loan. You can reach out to the support team to help you when you get stuck.

Can I pay a loan on behalf of someone else?

People frequently ask this question especially when they need to repay the loan on behalf of a friend or a family member. The good thing is that the loan app allows for you to repay a loan on behalf of someone else using m-pesa paybill. All you need is the person’s okash account number (which is usually their Safaricom number) and you follow the repayment procedure.

Is your okash account active?

This normally occurs when you are not able to access your account and borrow a loan. To find this out, you need to contact the customer care team.

For more frequently asked questions, you can visit the okash FAQ page.

If you are new to the okash app, make sure you have the items below to be able to apply and qualify for an instant m-pesa loan.


Here is what you need to use the okash loan app?

You will need the following:

  1. A mobile phone and it should be an android smartphone.
  2. Be recognised as an adult in Kenya i.e. be between 20-55 years.
  3. Have a valid national ID or Passport
  4. Be a registered Safaricom line.
  5. Have m-pesa active on your android phone.
  6. You’ll need to have a steady income.
  7. Also, be using your Mpesa frequently.

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    1. Hi Barasa. The team here at saidia is sad to here that. You need to reach out to okash and file a report. THe fastest way to reach okash customer care is through their twitter account. Click here to reach them on twitter.

  1. Thank you for your esteemed financial assistance. we however request you to stop penalization after due date has passed for repayment at this time of pandemic so that we can re collect our self as we look for ways to repay.

    1. Hi Simon, we shall share this with Okash. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Kindly clear me from crb 24315225 some one took a loan using my I’d details but I’ve cleared it

    1. Sema Kevin, if you have cleared your loan with Okash, then you need to wait 3 working days for okash to update CRB on the payment. They do this by sending a batch number showing all the acccounts that have cleared the outstanding loans. Confirm your CRB status three days after clearing the loan. Glad to saidia you.

  3. Hi Okash,
    Kindly i don’t want to receive your promotional texts on my number: 0728655***.
    Kindly KINDLY KINDLY KINDLY i don’t want your services.
    I am not interested in your 600/= promotional cash.

  4. Okash kindly check I have paid my loan and yet you continue sending me threatening messages.kindly check and acknowledge

    1. Hi Selpher, Thanks for reaching out to saidia. Pole for the pressure and messages from Okash loans. You can always add them to the block list. πŸ˜‰ TK

  5. Kindly stop this behavior of harassing someone and its not even the due date.Plus remove me from your systems i dont want your messages coming to my phone.You guys are so unprofessional.

    1. Hi George, Thanks for reaching out to saidia. Pole for the pressure and messages from Okash loans. You can always add them to the block list. πŸ˜‰

  6. Same here please Okash you such useless people please i hate those messeges you sent me i once had one of the nastiest experience with you and ever since then i hate seeing your promotional messeges on my phone number 07241080…… please stop senting those meseges coz they make me hate you and the more i see them them i spread a bad word about you. you had given me a loan of 2000 KES but i ended up paying 5000KES. idont even know whp gave you licence to operate coz you are nothing other than crooks and bunch of cornmen and women. Only a fool can come back to you after what you did to me.

  7. I have just received an email asking me to repay a loan I have no Idea about.
    I didn’t know about okash until now. Kindly contact me with details of the phone number that received your loan because its clearly not me!!!.
    Unless someone from this company is trying to reap me off you will get back with the information. Check with Safcom if you may!!!

    1. Hi Shii, Kindly try contact okash on their number Telephone number: 0207659988. That sounds very frustrating.

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