How to contact mokash customer care | Telephone number, SMS and email

Need to contact mokash customer care to get assistance with their loan app? Here we take you through all the ways in which you can reach a customer service representative. You’ll find mokash telephone numbers, e-mail address and facebook page.

Mokash is a mobile money lending application available to anyone above 18 years in possession of an Identification Card as well as a smart phone.

However you cannot seem to remember the password you used to set up the account and you need fast and effective Mokash customer support. There is several options available, call the Mokash customer care telephone number, Contact Mokash through social media Facebook and Twitter or write to the Mokash customer care email address.

Mokash customer care contacts

The following is a list of contacts you can opt for to get the assistance you need:

You may also like to know some of the FAQ’s in regards to Mokash and their simplified answers. Below is a list of some of them followed by their answers.

Mokash FAQS

Here are some quick solutions to mokash frequently asked questions

How do I get a Mokash loan?

Simply download the application from the google play-store and fill in the required details and allow permissions and you will have an account able to acquire loans.

Can I apply for a Mokash loan on airtel / Telkom?

Not presently as transactions are only activated for numbers on Safaricom and have M-pesa.

What do I need to get a Mokash loan?

You will need your Identification Card, an M-pesa subscribed telephone number, an internet connection and the contacts of two emergency contacts.

What is the Mokash paybill number?

The Mokash M-pesa paybill number is 4023691. Please only use your provided telephone number as the account number when making loan repayments.

How much can I borrow on Mokash?

Depending on your credit rating, this can be from KSHS 1,000/= to KSHS 30,000/=. This rating is improved by timely payment of an acquired loan.

Whether you have forgotten your mokash login credential (PIN) or want someone to else pay the loan on your behalf, these contacts will help. If you have any other questions that may arise, please feel welcome to engage mokash and get assistance with their loan app.


Mokash loan comes in really handy in times of emergencies and the necessity of a quick financial solution to a problem. Think of a scenario where your employer has unintentionally delayed your salary. It’s a Friday afternoon and the deposited cheque will be cleared early within the next week.

The last date for the payment of your Wi-Fi connection at home is also on the very same day. You need a quick and reliable loan to pay for the connection and you are assured that Mokash is your dependable go to application for this as it has never failed you in the past.

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