How to repay kashway loan | Kashway paybill number

Need to repay the kashway loan you borrowed? Here we take you through step by step on how to complete making the payment.

Always remember the financial partner you have in Kashway and how important and dependable they are in the long term plans of your business and emergency loans. Proceed to pay back the loan.

Get your phone and proceed to follow these easy steps to repay the kashway loan.

The Kashway paybill number is 900068

How to repay your kashway loan

Follow these steps.

  1. Open the M-pesa Icon after opening the Sim tool kit.
  2. Choose the Lipa na M-pesa icon on the drop down menu.
  3. Click on the “Paybill” icon.
  4. Key in 900068 as the Business Number.
  5. Input your M-pesa transaction phone number as the Account Number.
  6. Key in the amount you would like to repay and press OK.
  7. Input your M-pesa pin and press send to initiate repayment.
  8. Your transaction should be processed in a few short moments and confirmed by a text to your M-pesa telephone number.

Now you have repaid the loan and are impressed by the interest rate averaging 25% for the term of 21 days that you had applied for. You have repaid this before the deadline and are confident of the chance of your credit limit being reviewed upwards.

Kashway late repayment fee

By making the loan repayment, you have also negated the chance of the loan attracting a late repayment fee of 2% per day. Also your chances of being listed in the Credit Reference Bureau have reduced.

Being listed on CRB negatively affects one’s credit rating across financial institutions.

Your satisfaction with the application is top notch. The features are easy to use, disbursement of funds is fast and reliable, and the Kashway payment is also hassle free and well-articulated.


You have just received the payment for the business transaction you had been anticipating all week. Your client, the budding and on the rise institution has lived up to their promise to pay you for supplying them with stationery, a week after the delivery date. You’re smiling and in a very agreeable and accomplished moods. You consider the longevity of the business and the model you would want it to follow. How you might grow the business from a point of transacting an average of KSHS 20,000/= per week to probably double this amount.

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