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How to contact kashway customer care | telephone number, SMS and Email

Need to contact Kashway customer care? Here you will find the Kashway telephone number, email address, website and social media links.

kashway contacts phone number sms social media

Kashway is a relatively new yet fast, easy-to-use and dependable mobile loan lending application.

It may be that you are having problems accessing your kashway account due to a forgotten password or need to know your loan limit. Also, you could need clarification on your repayment plan, when are you scheduled to make payment. That is when you need Kashway contacts for customer service.

Also what amount are you required to pay back? Your loan balance is KSHS 500/= and you mistakenly pay KSHS 5,000/= and have questions as to how to proceed to ensure reimbursement of your funds and ensure an overpayment is not done.

Find different ways you can contact Kashway loan app customer care below.

Kashway customer care contact telephone number and email

Find the contact details for Kashway below.

  • Contact Kashway via Email : [email protected]
  • Call the Kashway hotline customer care number: +2540748449406
  • Visit the Kashway Website: https://kashway.cc/

The team is committed to engaging you and being of assistance in clarifying any queries in the following categories and more.


How do I ensure I qualify for a Kashway loan?

Fill in all details required on the app, you should qualify based on the data provided. Do not yet qualify for a loan? Keep logging in and checking your eligibility.

Can I apply for a Kashway loan on Airtel/ Telkom?

Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment as the loan facility is for M-pesa users but this will change in future.

What do I need to get a Kashway loan?

Simple details are all you need. Your M-pesa telephone number, your national identification card number, answer a few questions and allow the application to access data on your phone for confirmations and you qualify.

What is the Kashway paybill number?

The Kashway paybill number is 900068. Please use your M-pesa telephone number as the account number.

How much can I borrow on Kashway?

Depending on one's credit history and transactions, an individual can qualify for a loan amounting to KSHS 50,000/=



The Customer Care team at Kashway is eager to be of assistance to ensure your seamless experience with the service offered. Please feel free to call or contact us.

Perhaps it cannot be categorized under any one of the following FAQ phrases; “Kashway loan app download”, “Kashway paybill number”, “Kashway loan application”. Well don’t worry, Kashway customer support team is well empowered to assist you in the best way possible.

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  1. Trying to call to verify where to make payments of an overdue loan. Kindly advice since am receiving messages from a thousand cell phone numbers

    1. Hi. try reaching Kashway customer care using their phone number and sending a whatsapp message to them.

      1. Hi Kashway.
        Thanks for higher loan limit.
        Kindly grant me a repayment period of 1 month because am not a businessman.
        Be blessed.
        Eric /0757249***.

        1. Hi. To qualify for a longer time to repay a loan, you can either request for an extension and you’ll be charged a small amount, or, repay your first loan in time and your repayment period will be increased for the next loan you borrow.

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